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A little motivation for the off-beat bride

Are you unenthused by a white wedding gown or an extravagant wedding reception? Could you care less if you had bridesmaids or not? If that sounds like you then we are here to help. The off-beat bride shouldn’t feel ashamed for not wanting to do things traditionally however, the last thing a bride and groom want is a wedding with guests snoozing from sheer boredom.  You don’t have to be a trendsetter and search for all the latest trends when it comes to the dress you pick out for yourself and your bridesmaids.  Many brides who do decide to go with the flow or fashion that was instructed by the magazines during that period end up regretting it years later anyways. So, for all you future brides out there we know planning a wedding can be stressful but all you need is a little help and motivation for your big day.


The off- beat bride may not want a big traditional wedding


If you’re an off-beat bride who has no motivation or care in the world in planning your wedding pay attention because we have the solution for you. First off, brainstorm what you really want and think is necessary to have for your wedding.  Think of it like Halloween and all the candy you get. When you come home after trick-or-treating you lay everything out and separate it between the good stuff and the just ok stuff.  All candy is good and it would be great if you could eat it all but you don’t want to get sick.  So, we only eat the best stuff.  Whether that is a variety of items or only 5 pieces of candy narrow down the things that are really important and don’t waste time on the stuff you can do without.


Creative Alternatives for the off-beat bride


We will give you a few simple tips for planning a simple, fun and easy wedding. #1: The dress: You don’t have to go to tons of bridal stores to figure out what kind of dress you want. Instead, go online, browse thousands of gowns and order your gown right off the Internet. Many online stores will send you multiple dresses and allow you to return them if you don’t like them such as Bride Couture's Try Up To 4 Gowns policy. #2: Bridesmaid dresses: If the off-beat bride is not obsessed about finding her own dress, bridesmaids dresses may be even more dreadful. Therefore, have your bridesmaids choose their own dress and simply just pick the color out for them. Just make sure the colors coordinate well with each other and then they can pick a style that looks good on them. # 3: The venue: Choose a venue that comes with all the décor, centerpieces, DJ, catering, and drinks to make your life much easier. This way you can have both your wedding ceremony and reception in the same building because everything you need is provided for you and you don’t have to deal with finding multiple vendors. Last but not least, enjoy yourself! This should be the best day of your life not the most stressful day!




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Custom Wedding Gowns


Custom wedding gowns

 Today we tend to think anything that is custom made is a luxury and probably very expensive.  However, in the past custom wedding gowns was more of a necessity than a luxury.  During the 1940’s nothing was really available to women when it came to clothing. It was very hard to come across fabrics and accessories during this time so women did not have an option of purchasing their wedding dress off the rack. They simply had to become very creative and imaginative to create what was essentially their own custom made gown.  When you have the option of making your own dress it gives you a chance to be different, unique and express your personal style.


Who makes custom wedding gowns?

Custom made wedding gowns can be made to your exact measurements and any style you choose.  When designing your own dress you have the option of choosing whatever you would like. Whether it is long, short, traditional or modern designs you can choose anything! As I mentioned earlier, when something is custom made it can get pretty expensive but it may not be any more expensive than buying a new designer wedding dress.  The first thing you want to do is find a seamstress or a designer who specializes in custom made wedding gowns.  This is not an easy task and the local tailor will probably not be qualified.  Next you need to be able to explain your idea to the seamstress when can be very difficult if you are not a good artist.  Many women end up liking bits and pieces of various gowns so go through the magazines and cut out the bust, skirt, etc. that you like and piece it together.  You have to give the seamstress a visual if you want it to be right.  Actually designers should be able to draw you a picture of their concept for you to approve.  Obviously the big names like Vera Wang and Monique Lhuillier do custom wedding gowns but it can get VERY expensive.  So, if you can find a local designer or seamstress with access to beautiful fabrics that is a much more cost effective way.  Another option to have a custom gown is to buy a sample wedding dress and then customize it.  You can find incredible deals on designer sample gowns and then just add your personal touches like cap sleeves, sweetheart neck, additional beading, a lace up back, etc.  Since the dress is essentially made it is much cheaper than starting from scratch and you can still customize it for much more reasonable than creating an entire gown.


Custom made wedding gown tips


If you choose to have you dress custom made always be sure to be as detailed as possible. A bridal gown is all about details, so know what you want and search for patterns and designs in more than just one place. Next, be realistic! Custom made wedding gowns take much longer to make than just picking a gown off the rack. Be prepared to spend a little longer as it could take up to 6 months to make your dress depending on the details and seamstress’s workload. Another important factor with having a custom made dress is your budget! To prevent from spending thousands on your wedding dress let your seamstress or designer know exactly how much you want to spend and can afford and they will help you choose designs within your budget. There are many different types of inexpensive fabrics and beading that look like the real thing!  Another important thing to consider when going for a custom made dress is to be consistent with your weight. Drastic weight changes will alter the shape and proportion of your body ruining the fit of your dress. Lastly, enjoy yourself! Choosing custom made wedding gowns is a once in a lifetime experience so make it worth it!  Wouldn’t it be great to tell everyone you designed it yourself!




How to find the best bridal prices

 When you think of your big wedding day one inevitable word comes to mind…………. EXPENSIVE!!!! The list of essentials can go on and on such as extravagant bouquets, centerpieces, Chiavari chairs, cake, the dress, etc.! How can we get the best bridal prices without excluding anything on our list? It’s a fact that weddings are expensive not matter how big of a bargain hunter you are but they don’t have to be TOO expensive. According to a recent survey the average cost of an American wedding is over $27,000 which is a little mind blowing. Although spending even $10,000 on one day’s festivities still seems excessive for many!

What are some ways to find the best bridal prices?

Everyone has a different idea of the perfect wedding so before you start planning it all you should sit down with your partner and determine what is most important to you. You don’t necessarily have to cut anything out of your list to get the best bridal prices but focus on the priorities.  That way you can allocate your money according to the importance of each item.  If venue is the most important thing on your list considering booking it on a Friday or Sunday instead of a Saturday.  You will be amazed how less expensive this can be, up to 50% in some cases.  And remember, everything is negotiable so don’t be afraid to ask for what you want at the price you want. If you don’t want to spend a lot on invitations make them yourself.  Thanks to technology there are so many options for creating your invitations online or you can really personalize them and get what you need at any craft store.  If you want to get the best bridal prices and don’t want to spend a lot on a designer dress make your own. Just kidding!  If you are talented enough to do this more power to you but most of us want to leave this part up to the professionals.

How to get the best bridal prices on your wedding dress without compromising style

For many brides the most important aspect of your wedding is probably going to be your wedding dress, but how can you get the best bridal prices on a designer dress! Surely you cannot compromise in such a situation as the dress will be the most memorable aspect of your wedding.  Not only that your wedding photos stick with you forever so you want to make sure you chose the dress of your dreams. So, what do you do when you want a Vera Wang gown that costs $7,000 but cannot afford it? Nowadays there is no reason to spend that much money on your wedding dress because you have the option to purchase a sample gown or even pre-owned wedding gown.  With sample gowns you can purchase a high-end designer gown that has only been tried on by prospective brides in a bridal salon! This way you get the same dress you dreamed of having for up to 80% off!  Or you can purchase a pre-owned gown for a fraction of the price.  Many brides may cringe at the idea of a second hand dress but the reality of it is that these gowns were typically only worn for a few hours so are in excellent condition and have been cleaned.  Buying a sample or pre-owned gown makes good financial sense if you are looking for the best bridal prices. The Internet has revolutionized shopping and has opened up a world of choices for brides.  So, get online and shop around for the best prices on everything you need for your big day!




Monique Lhuillier wedding dresses


When a women’s big day finally comes it really all boils down to the wedding dress. Let’s face it……… on your wedding day no one will remember what they ate or even what magnificent centerpiece was on their table. It is all about the dress and Monique Lhuillier’s gowns are classic, sexy, and luxurious.  There are a lot of nice wedding dresses but Lhuillier’s designs definitely go above and beyond most wedding style designs. She’s got it all.  Long, short, mermaid style, trumpet styles, ball gowns, and the list goes on and on!


Celebrities love Monique Lhuillier wedding dresses


When A-listers decide to tie the knot they turn to Lhuillier’s gowns because they know they will receive a beautifully crafted design. Monique Lhuillier wedding dresses have been worn by A-listers including Pink, Britney Spears, Carrie Underwood, and Heidi Montag just to name a few.  Now I know what you are all thinking.  How in the world can someone who is not a celebrity afford one of Monique Lhuillier’s beautiful wedding dresses since these gowns can retail from $6000 to $25,000? Lucky for you Lhuillier has launched a more affordable bridal bridge collection called “Bliss” which still uses the best lace, organza, and silk. Although they are not part of her couture line these gowns still feature Lhuillier’s signature embellishments and retail around $2,500 to $3,500.  She has made it possible for brides on all budgets to afford a Monique Lhuillier gown.


2012 Monique Lhuillier wedding dresses


So what does Lhuillier have in store for us this year? It might not be like Vera Wang’s “Black” but I can say it is just as jaw dropping to say the least.  Her new line features different kinds of lace, tulle and oodles of draping chiffons. These dresses will definably be a crowd pleaser so for all you prospective brides, get ready because these gowns will knock your socks off! These dresses are extremely figure flattering and accentuate your femininity. Lhuillier loves experimenting with different detailing in which you will find asymmetric, bateau, halter, scoop, sweetheart and high necklines in her new wedding collection. Monique Lhuillier wedding dresses are a wonderful balance between bridal and sexy and you can get one of these beautiful gowns at one of the many Monique Lhuillier retail stores. If you are a bride on a budget and do not feel like spending thousands on your wedding dress then consider choosing Monique Lhuillier’s line “ Bliss.”  Even better, many Monique gowns can also be found discounted online at  At Bride Couture you can purchase an authentic Monique Lhuillier sample gown for up to 80% off.  It is possible for brides of all budgets to wear a Monique Lhuillier gown. 



Vera Wang Brides New Fashion Trend: Black

For all you Vera Wang brides get ready because the queen bee of the bridal couture world has done it again! 2012 marks the beginning of even better and more unique wedding dresses! Vera Wang has torn up the rulebook for traditional bridal styles as her new collection features a variety of dramatic black fashion gowns!It is one thing for the mother of the groom to not wear black because it states her opposition toward the wedding, but what does it mean for the bride to wear black? Isn’t that kind of taboo? Many would say wearing black is perhaps more funeral than bridal but many are saying this new collection is probably one of the most stunning lines Vera has come up with. Vera Wang brides will now be able to choose from more designs and styles! This year her dresses are beautifully constructed, witchy-looking frocks, made from deconstructed chiffon, silk, tulle and organza in very non-traditional tones such as black and nude.

 Why Vera has stepped out-of-the-box for all you Vera Wang brides


After a season of high profile weddings such as Kate Middleton’s royal affair and Kim Kardashian’s blowout I think it is definitely time for designers such as Vera Wang to step out of the box. While we’ve seen new trends such as short dresses and even colorful dresses we were really surprised to see black dresses.   I am sure all you Vera Wang brides want to know the motive behind Vera’s black dresses as we are always used to seeing something way different from her but not in black.  In a phone interview Vera admits, “I wore white on my wedding day….I was very frustrated, it being so traditional at the time, but the bridal industry wasn’t so evolved back then.”  She was ready to step out of the box and give all you brides-to-be something more than just the traditional ivory dress that everyone is used to seeing when a bride walks down the aisle. 


All Vera Wang Brides can Choose Black!


Vera Wang brides now have an opportunity to be more unique and original on their big day. Wearing black on your wedding day is definitely making a bold statement and is also breaking all the traditional wedding rules. However, Jung Lee, founder of Fete makes a very good point and states, “The bride who chooses the black dress does not care about etiquette.” So, if you want to make a bold fashion statement and walk down that aisle in an artfully crafted black wedding dress, this is for you! The good thing about these gowns is that they still come in traditional styles just not a traditional color so you will still feel like a bride just making an even bolder fashion statement! These dresses have managed to break conventional wedding trends and Vera has designed these sensual, elegant gowns that are perfect for the modern bride. Vera has branched out and created an amazing out-of-the –box collection for you Vera Wang brides! So, if you feel like stepping out of the box then be one of the first to choose one of Vera’s new black wedding gowns!



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