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May 24, 2012   |  0 comments

Pre-owned Wedding Dresses

Pre-owned wedding dresses

Once upon a time many brides purchased their wedding dresses secondhand to save some money but they kept it a secret.  Or they actually wore their mother's or another relatives gown. Today, brides have bragging rights because frugality is in! Pre-owned wedding dresses can be purchased directly through sites like which is an online store that allows the modern bride to sell her gown after her big day to another lucky bride at a fraction of the price.  

 You can choose from more than 10,000 new sample gowns or used wedding gowns that are marked up to 80 % off! Most of the gowns listed on pre-owned are higher end designer gowns such as Vera Wang, Kenneth Pool and Christos.  So, if you want to save money without sacrificing fashion definitely choose pre-owned. 


What are the benefits to buying a pre-owned wedding dress?

Wedding items are far too expensive nowadays and are only used for a couple of hours. Would you buy a car and drive it once? No! So, why do we do this with our wedding dresses? Pre-owned wedding dresses are for those who are looking for a designer dress without breaking the bank. Individual former brides who are sick of seeing their beautiful wedding gowns sit in their closets want to find another home for their gowns.   

We all know the likelihood of our daughter wanting to wear our wedding gown one day is slim to none so there is no reason to let it sit in a box for the next 50 years.  Brides want to share their happiness with other happy brides who are on a mission to find that perfect dress and recoup some of the expense of their gown in the process. 

There are also many professional wedding vendors such as Bride Couture that sell sample wedding gowns which, although being tried on in the store, were not worn for a wedding.  According to an American wedding study a designer dress sells for as much as $10,000 dollars or more. Let’s be realistic here, no one wants to spend more on their dress than their entire wedding! 

A growing number of brides are turning to pre-owned wedding dresses because they are looking to save money and be eco-friendly by purchasing a used gown. For some, the thought of wearing someone else’s wedding dress may freak them out but it is not like buying a used pair of jeans that have been worn for years. Instead, these used wedding dresses have only been worn for a couple of hours and most of them have been cleaned and are in perfect condition. 


It is safe and easy to sell your pre-owned wedding dresses

There are many sites out there that allow girls to sell their wedding gowns but is the best.   Some may be skeptical of selling or buying anything online because of the many imitators and fake websites. However pre-owned has one of the highest selling rates, more buyers and not to mention, they have one of the highest Google rankings which means your gown will be seen by more brides than any other site. 

Also, paying via PayPal will protect the buyer against most scams.  Make sure you are clear with the bride on the terms of the sale since many sales are final.  Gowns sold through a company like Bride Couture have an amazing no risk return policy so you can try before you buy.   

 If you are looking to sell your pre-owned wedding dress simply go to their website at and create an account. It only costs $25 to list your dress online until it sells! Most websites or consignment shops that allow you to sell your items usually want some sort of commission or percentage, but not at pre-owned. 

All the money you make off your wedding items is yours to keep. Even better, there are no subscriptions or renewals and the average sale time is 70 days! So, reduce your wedding waste and maximize your budget by choosing a pre-owned wedding dress.   You can even resell your pre-owned wedding dress again after your big day!


May 18, 2012   |  0 comments

Popular Wedding Dresses


Popular wedding dresses

There are thousands of dresses out there to choose from these days. However, what are the most popular wedding dresses brides choose? Because there are so many wedding dresses in the market it makes it a lot more difficult to choose the perfect gown.  You will think you found the dress and then later change your mind because you find another beautiful gown. In your struggle for finding the most popular dress there are hundreds of designs in all colors and fabrics that are available in the market so don’t get frustrated, because you will have a lot of options and it really is hard to go wrong.

What are today's popular wedding dresses?

So, what does a popular wedding dress look like nowadays? Previously, brides would choose the traditional princess gown which consists of a fitted bodice with a waistline that leads to a full skirt.  Surprisingly many soon to be brides do not go for these silhouettes anymore as they prefer a more fitted silhouette instead.  Ball gowns are still very popular but there are many other options available for a less formal gown.  The different silhouettes that are more fitted to the body consist of mermaid trumpet and sheath styles. Mermaid gowns seem to be the most popular of them all as we see many brides show off their curves in this style. You all remember Kim Kardashian’s wedding where she actually wore two mermaid style gowns!  I feel like whenever a celebrity wears a certain trend we all are quick to follow their fashion sense because they usually look stunning in whatever it is they are wearing. So, when searching for popular wedding dresses I suggest you look at what the celebrities are wearing. 


As I mentioned earlier Kim Kardashian rocked two Vera Wang mermaid gowns that resembled that sort of 50’s voluptuous elegant Hollywood style. Kim’s main gown featured a strapless ivory dress with a voluminous tulle skirt and basque waist so she still opted for something a little more traditional.  If you think you like the sheath style more than copy celebrity Molly Sims’ wedding dress instead.  Her beautiful Marchesa’s drop-waist lace sheath gown from the Spring 2012 collection featured a flare lace skirt and appliqued cascade sleeves.  The latest and greatest fashion however is the unique skirts with layers resembling petals, draping, or covered in appliques. There are so many styles to choose from so just start browsing the web!

Where can I buy popular wedding dresses at affordable prices?

You’re probably thinking popular wedding dresses are most likely very expensive which can be the case for many wedding gowns.  Since the newest trends come from some of the top designers runway collections they can be pretty pricy. Because there are so many dresses in the bridal market you can find a popular dress without going way over your budget.  Designer bridal shops carry many popular dresses however they will cost a lot more because they are made to perfection. Luckily you can purchase these higher end styles online by brides who want to sell their designer gowns for half the price. If you don’t feel comfortable buying your wedding dress online from some random person then purchase your trendy designer gown at a sample store such as Bride Couture. Sample stores sell designer gowns for up to 80% off! They usually only carry one of each style so you better hurry and get your popular wedding dress before another soon to be bride snatches it up.

Apr 25, 2012   |  2 comments

Backless Wedding Dresses

Backless Wedding Dress


Your big day is coming up and we all know how hard it is to find that perfect wedding dress. Every bride wants to look spectacular on her big day and what better way to do that by wearing a backless wedding dress. Backless gowns are dramatic, sexy, and romantic and really appropriate for any season. If you want to appear glamorous, attractive and elegant on your big day then backless is the way to go.  There are so many different types of backless designs to choose from depending on how much skin you want to show and how dramatic you want it to be.  Having gowns with a higher neckline and plunging back are still somewhat conservative but very sexy.


Bras to Wear for a Backless Wedding Dress

Most backless wedding dresses have sleeves or a halter and then a plunging back or keyhole back.  This can make it difficult when looking for the perfect under garments. There are many bras, slips and hosiery you can buy that are not only comfortable to wear, but are easily concealable in order to hide any straps against your bare back. Your best bet is to buy either a strapless bra or backless bra which comes with transparent straps. For those of you who have a smaller chest, adhesive silicone backless bras or individual stick-on cups will suit you best. If you want to make sure your tummy stays tucked in while your breasts stay supported in your backless wedding dress go for a backless long line bra that fastens near your lower back. Another thing you can do is purchase a strapless body shaper that will really suck you in so you don’t have to worry about your lunch showing. Body shapers either come in thong shapers or full bottom coverage so figure out which one you like best

What Kind of Jewelry Goes Best with a Backless Wedding Dress?

The bridal jewelry you decide to wear should definitely coordinate with the wedding gown you have selected.  The process of choosing bridal jewelry should be carefully thought out and must be made with as much attention as your wedding dress. The jewelry is what will finish off your look and bring the entire ensemble of your backless wedding dress together. Adding a bridal lariat is the perfect piece of jewelry to add to show off your beautiful open back.  A bridal lariat is simply a necklace that is worn around the neck.  However, the back of the neck will have a long dangling piece of jewelry that hangs down the back. Many lariats can actually be adjusted which will be a better fit for any bride wearing a backless dress. Another great way to show off your back with jewelry is by wearing a choker or a collar with a hanging jewel embellishment on the back. If you’re going to wear a strapless backless wedding dress, chokers go perfect with this style because they bring a symmetrical and parallel line which goes perfectly with a dress that draws much attention to the neck and shoulder region.   Chokers have become very popular for brides who want more of an edgier look and still have that elegant, classical look.


What are Haute Couture Wedding Dresses?


 For more than 150 years Haute Couture is a craft that has endured and evolved. Haute Couture is a French phrase for high fashion. Haute means “high” or ‘elegant” and couture basically means dressmaking or sewing. Haute couture wedding dresses are made exclusively for the customer and are made from high-quality, expensive fabrics and sewn by the most experienced seamstresses out there. Anything that is haute couture is made specifically for the wearer’s measurements and is made hand stitched, carefully lined and fitted to perfection for each client. In order for a business to sell any kind of haute couture item the company must be members of the Syndical Chamber for Haute Couture in Paris.  An Englishman named Charles Worth actually started the whole term for “haute couture.” Worth became very well known and famous around the 1960’s making fabulous outfits for Napoleon III wife. Today there are only 10 houses of Haute Couture in France.


What’s so special about Haute Couture wedding dresses?


Haute couture wedding dresses usually take 100 to 400 hours to make with one dress costing from $26,000 to over $100,000! These dresses are made from superior fabrics, dyes and trimmings made by exquisite designers. An entire team of people will work on one dress, cutting, sewing, and hand stitching details! For many, haute couture is more of a piece of art rather than just a clothing item. This is why the prestige of Haute Couture fashion has been made into a carefully thought out business strategy. They have the ability to generate a lot of publicity to a design house which will lead to higher sales in the designer’s collections, especially haute couture wedding dresses.  They say only about 3,000 women worldwide can afford to purchase one of these designs.  However, some designers will make simplified more affordable versions of the couture pieces for those on a budget. They will design an outrageous piece knowing it will hit the front page of a newspaper so everyone can see that specific designer’s design.  Then they make less expensive version of the same style for the general public to purchase.  Many wedding gown designers like Vera Wang and Monique Lhuillier have various lines ranging from very reasonable to their Couture lines which are much more expensive but very high fashion and made of the finest fabrics.


Who Can Purchase Haute Couture Wedding Dresses?


Haute couture wedding dresses are very expensive and are usually only targeted to wealthy private clients.  These gowns make a bold statement and symbolize that money is not an object. Many people either buy to wear or even borrow gowns for public appearances such as many celebrities on the red carpet. Wives of Saudi Arabian billionaires are seen wearing many of these gowns which no-one’s ever even heard of.  So, do you have to be a billionaire to wear one of these wedding gowns? Not necessarily, because a few retail stores will sell sample haute couture wedding dresses, such as Bride Couture. Here, you can purchase Haute Couture designs by Ines Di Santo for less than $3300! If you’re a bride on a budget, but want to feel like a million bucks on your wedding, then Bride Couture is especially for you!



  Why we love unique wedding dresses

We all know how much women love shopping and the wedding dress is no exception.  It is probably the biggest shopping event most girls will ever have. That is one reason so many of us love watching and attending weddings simply because we get to see all the beautiful dresses these beautiful brides walk down the aisle in! Some may be unique wedding dresses and others the traditional look: standard, white, romantic and long. You never really know what a bride will pick so it is always a surprise! Today we will talk more about the unique, untraditional wedding gowns. You will be surprised at the very many unique styles of wedding dresses that are made available for brides.  You no longer have to get a custom made couture gown to be unique. 

What are unique wedding dresses and where can we find them?

Unique wedding dresses are those that are out of the ordinary and different. Now, don’t get different confused with ugly or weird because sometimes things that are out of the ordinary are extraordinary.  So, what makes a wedding dress unique? There are many ways a wedding dress can be unique whether it be super high fashion or some small detail you haven’t seen before.  For instance, you can wear a gown that is short in the front and long in the back or even has a detachable skirt.  You can also get a gown made out of unusual material with a pin stripe or other design, and they can be all different colors such as black, pink, blue etc.  Sashes are still an easy way to make your gown unique and you can pick any color you want.  Basically, anything that does not look like the norm is considered unique which seems to be the route most people are taking nowadays. Where can you find unique wedding dresses? It may be difficult to find a unique dress at a popular retail store because most likely someone else has that dress.  You can however add your own personal touch to a mass produced gown and still make it unique. Your best bet is to search online for sample wedding gowns that are discontinued or even second hand gowns that were custom made that you can make additional alterations on.  Even better, create your own unique dress by hiring a seamstress and tell them exactly what you want. This way your wedding dress is made entirely to suit your taste and style.

Unique wedding dresses are for everyone

Thinking outside the box is the new trend and everyone wants to be different.  Wedding gowns have come a long way and are no longer just a simple white gown but a true fashion statement. Brides want to leave a lasting impression on their guests having not only unique wedding dresses but adding unique themes and ideas for the actual ceremony. It’s better to bring in a more fun atmosphere to a wedding and I think it starts with the dress! What about those brides who want to look unique at their wedding but they also don’t want to break tradition or offend anyone? Many brides want to remain true to their cultures and their families and that can still be accomplished! Instead of changing your dress completely you can add and combine traditions to come up with something completely unusual. You can also mix-and- match your bridesmaid dresses or add color to your gown with a sash or a brooch. The first thing you have to do is form an idea of what you want in your wedding dress and bridal party then start your research from there. Just remember, this is your special day so have fun with it and choose something that will make YOU happy. Many people will share their ideas and opinions but if you don’t like them simply ignore them! If you love unique wedding dresses then go for it even if you’re breaking tradition! 


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