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 Summer weddings for the couture bride 

Summer is the most popular season to get married for many reasons.  If you’re a couture bride and want to know the summer wedding trends then keep reading.   The most obvious reason summer weddings are so popular is b/c of the weather.  Although it can be very hot in certain places it is generally better than rain and snow in other months.  Not only that, but summer time is vacation time so couples can expect greater availability for their friends and family to participate on their big day. Summer weddings allow you to have a wider range of options in choosing your wedding venue, flowers and wedding dress options.


Summer wedding venues for the couture bride

With great weather the couture bride will have more options as to where she wants her wedding venue.  A very popular place to have your wedding on a bright summer day would obviously be the beach.  Also, beach weddings are much easier to plan, cheaper to pay for since you don’t need to decorate the beach, and much more exciting for your guests.

Garden weddings are another option for an outdoor wedding. Whether you’re going for romantic, casual, classic or formal look, a garden wedding theme works beautifully with a variety of flowers and colors.  In general, people prefer outdoor weddings because they want to enjoy the sights and sounds of a natural environment.

Also, the abundance of flowers during summer time brings lots of colors and beauty to the scene and can save you having to buy flowers to decorate for the ceremony. The couture bride can choose any type of outdoor wedding venue such as vineyards, farms, beaches, gardens and even a backyard! An outdoor setting makes for a fun, laid-back vibe and the décor options are limitless. 

                     Summer Wedding  Flowers And Dress Options for the Couture Bride

What kind of flowers do you want at your wedding? Summer weddings allow brides to have more variety for their flower choices.  The choices can range from roses, lilies, carnations, daisies and much more. The bride will have a much wider selection to choose from since most flowers are in season in the spring and summer.  This will also make is much cheaper as opposed to trying to get flowers in the off season.  Also, think of all the choices you have for your bouquet! Even better, you can accessorize your bridesmaids with the bright vibrant colors you have chosen for your wedding. If you’re not into the whole flowers and bouquet idea then break tradition by simply holding a single large flower like a sunflower or daisy which goes perfect with a summer wedding.

Not only does the couture bride have more options for her venue and flowers but she also has more wedding dresses to choose from.  Brides don’t have to go the traditional route and can avoid wearing the heavy layered skirts and those large trains that constantly need assistance.  Of course if you still want to wear a silk satin ball gown for your summer wedding you can.  But you do have more options in the summer especially if you want to get married outside.  Gowns made of lace, organza, and chiffon are great summer fabrics.  Summer is a time for love and growth so it is an ideal time to get married and the couture bride will have limitless choices on how they want their big day to look.

Wedding Cake Trends For The Bride-To-Be


If you are a bride to be or soon to be married there are some amazing new wedding cake trends for 2012. The wedding cake is a very traditional part of the wedding as well as a way to express your personality.  It can be a center piece in the overall theme or design of your wedding and is the part of the wedding that many people look forward to.  With so many flavors and designs to choose from the cake is probably the most customizable item you choose.  People attending your wedding expect the cake to be interesting, beautiful and delicious!


What are the different wedding cake trends for 2012 for the bride to be?

The bride to be must be aware that the wedding cake is not just a yummy dessert but a decoration that everyone looks forward to seeing.  There are so many styles to choose from but here are some of the trends for 2012.  First, taller cakes seem to be making a big come-back. It’s now more common to see taller cakes that average up to 8 feet which was something of the past but is now coming back.

Next on the list are painted cakes.  You can paint anything you want on your cake whether it is lovely tropical flowers, photos of the bride and groom, and even an image of your tattoos!  Although the bride’s cake tends to be a little more traditional the groom’s cake is usually more of a theme cake ranging from sports teams to hobbies.

Then we have cakes with ruffles.  Designer Maggie Austin is known for her expertise in ruffles and many of her cakes are inspired by her life as a ballerina. So if the bride to be loves the dainty, girly look then definitely look her up.


The next trends we will see in lieu of the traditional wedding cakes are cake balls and other desserts. You do not necessarily have to have a large, tall standing cake to amaze and please your guests. Instead, cake balls, cupcakes, pies and miniature pastries can be your cake! Even better, these desserts can be placed in a decorated box for your guests to take home after the after party as souvenirs.

                                                                The Do's & Dont's For The Bride-To-Be

In order for your cake to look and taste great at your wedding there are some “do’s and don’ts” you should take note of.  First, make sure to do your research on what type of cake you want so you can get a good visual on how you expect your cake to look like.  Take the bakery/cake designer a picture of what you want so there are no miscommunications. And make sure you do a tasting so you know exactly what it will taste like.  Second, be creative and make your wedding cake your own by adding personality to it.  Choosing a unique cake topper is a great way to personalize your cake.  You are the artist and the cake is your masterpiece.

Third, make sure you know how your cake will be displayed at the reception and where.  Many brides like to get a cake stand or decorate the cake table so make sure that is communicated to both the baker and the reception hall.  And most importantly, figure out how your cake will be arriving. The transportation of the cake from the baker to the reception can make a big difference. Leave this up to the bakers because they know how to transport a cake without ruining it and can handle any last minute repairs. At first the cake may seem like an afterthought since it is just going to get eaten but trust me, it is something everyone will take notice of both on looks and taste.  There is nothing like a stunning wedding cake that tastes divine!



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Marriage Proposal Ideas

Marriage Proposal Ideas Causing A Problem?

Check out this awesome You Tube Video we came across..... I think any girl would love this marriage proposal!!!




On Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012, Isaac told his girlfriend to meet him at his parent's house for dinner.

When she arrived he had stationed his brother to sit her in the back of an open Honda CRV and give 

her some headphones. He "wanted to play her a song"...

What she got instead was the world's first Live Lip-Dub marriage Proposal. 


What Marriage Proposal Ideas Did Your Fiance come up with?

We love hearing stories about how couple's got engaged and how the proposals went...

Did the marriage proposal go perfect or did it end up with a twist that made it even better??

 We totally love that friends and family are incorporated in this marriage proposal!

 Leave us a comment below and let us know how your proposal went.

Unique Wedding Gowns For This Summer

Wedding fever is in the air and this summer you will see some very unique wedding gowns. Ball gowns are bigger than ever, ruffles are more intricate, colors range from blushy pinks to pale greys, and form-fitting dresses look sexier than ever. Every year wedding trends seem to change and give us something better but I think 2012 marks the beginning of the BEST wedding trends to ever hit the runway.  Choosing the right gown will be even harder as all of these styles have something to offer. The three top summer wedding trends for 2012 feature different colored wedding gowns, larger ballgowns and leg-flaunting slits.

This summer unique wedding gowns have color

Adding colored sashes to white and ivory gowns has been popular for a few years now but wedding gowns in completely different colors are starting to make a big splash.   More and more brides are choosing different colored unique wedding gowns.  Style icon Sarah Jessica Parker chose black on her wedding day and many other celebs are following in her footsteps.  Reese Witherspoon and Portia Derossi were seen in blush colored gowns. Lisa Ling and Dita Von Teese were seen in brighter colored gowns in red and blue.  It has been common for second time brides to wear different colored wedding gowns but now many first time brides actually want a colored wedding dress because it adds character and personality.  So, don’t be afraid of breaking traditional norms and go for more color instead.

Unique wedding gowns are bigger and better this summer Unique wedding gowns are hitting the runway and the new trend we will see this summer is bigger ball gowns. They are back in style and are perfect for those romantic brides who always dreamed of wearing a Cinderella gown but still want something modern.  For those of you who think bigger ball gowns only mean more fabric and less comfort you are wrong.  These larger gowns are still lightweight regardless of their size because of the fabrics they are made out of such as organza and tulle. These larger ball gowns contain layers and layers of tulle and organza. The outcome? Fairy tale inspired wedding dresses that are lightweight and whimsical.

Unique wedding gowns have leg-flaunting slits this summer

As wedding gowns become more modern and stylish we are seeing traits from the red carpet evening gowns.  One such trend is the high cut, leg-flaunting side or front slit.  Better warn grandma because this trend is now seen in wedding dresses and is more daring than ever.  Angelina Jolie may have started this thigh-high leg-flaunting trend with her Versace dress she wore at the Oscars, but she is not the only celeb appreciating this high-slit. Kim Kardashian, Poppy Delevigne and Rachel McAdams have all rocked this sexy leg-flaunting slit and more celebs are catching on. Wedding designers such as Monique Lhuillier and Ines Di Santo have released their 2012 collection which features thigh-high slits. These slits are perfect and it still leaves much to the imagination. Even better it can be worn by any shape and size giving more women a chance to flaunt this daring look.  These unique wedding gowns are stylish and flattering so get ready to make a tough choice!


Amsale Bridal Wedding Trends For 2012

Amsale bridal wedding trends for 2012 will have a much different style than what we are used to seeing.  Amsale Aberra, bridal couture designer, has come up with some unique and fun styles for the soon to be brides out there. We were used to seeing ball gowns, black sashes, belts and jeweled toned dresses, but now we will see more Chantilly lace, color, tulle and shorter length dresses.  2012 has a lot to offer us this year.  So, get excited because Amsale has created gowns that will blow your mind away.

Amsale Bridal Trend: Chantilly Lace and More Color!

The first trend we will see this year in Amsale bridal wear is the use of Chantilly lace in many of their dresses.  For those of you who do not know what Chantilly lace is let me briefly explain. Chantilly lace is a bobbin lace which has a net background featuring patterns of floral, vines and branches.  Embroidering thread with ribbon to create these different floral designs creates these patterns. It’s arguably one of the most romantic fabrics and designers such as Amsale could not get enough of it. Amsale was inspired to make more wedding gowns of Chantilly lace because of how beautiful the royal bride Kate Middleton looked on her wedding day.  Amsale’s Chantilly lace wedding dresses come in all different silhouettes and necklines so we have a lot to choose from.

The next trend we will see this year in Amsale bridal wear is different colors!  Amsale gives brides the option to wear something other than the traditional white this year.  Instead, brides can wear colors such as gold’s, silvers, pinks and blues.  More and more brides are opting to wear other colors besides white on their wedding day.  Surprisingly, not everyone looks great in white so this will give the bride a chance to express her personality in a fun and fashionable way while still looking like a bride.


  Amsale Bridal Trend: Tulle and Shorter Dresses

Another trend we will see this year from Amsale is the use of tulle to make dresses. What is tulle exactly? Tulle is lightweight woven netting that is often starched to give it more body.  This trend from Amsale bridal is considered the “fairy tale fabric” because it brings a fairy tale quality to the dress like many of the princesses we grew up worshiping in the movies.  If you want to feel like a princess on your big day then a gown made of tulle is the perfect way to go.  It is a wonderful way to wear a big skirt without wearing something too heavy.  There are also very couture styles for the tulle skirt these days with layers and draping instead of the classic ball gown skirt.

The last trend you will see this year are brides choosing shorter dresses over the classic long wedding dress.   This style was made popular in the 1950’s and is coming back in a big way.  Designers such as Amsale have created super-short wedding dresses to satisfy the needs of the most modern and young brides.  Many would think this look was inappropriate because of how much leg would be showing but surprisingly it looks elegantly tasteful on the right body and is perfect for less formal venues.  Many girls are even choosing to wear two gowns on their big day and done a long classic gown for the ceremony and change into a shorter gown for the reception.  Simply add the perfect pair of ankle-tied sandals or heels to create a chic, dramatic look this wedding season.  If you want to show some leg and have a sexier look then shorter dresses are for you.  Amsale has always brought us classic and elegant gowns that flatter all figures and this year will be no different. 

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