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The wedding veil – the new statement in bridal fashion


If you were to close your eyes and picture a bride you would see a beautiful gown, bouquet, and of course, a wedding veil.  Though everyone pictures a different dress no one imagines a bride without her veil. The veil is the ultimate bridal accessory and it makes you feel like a real bride. We all have nightmares about the huge, puffy veils from the 80’s but veils can be minimal and elegant and provide a magical and soft look. Veils are not all alike and definitely reflect your personal style.  Historically, the purpose of a wedding veil was meant to conceal the bride from the groom on her wedding day using a blusher that went over the face. However, nowadays veils have transitioned into more of a fashion statement and not just an afterthought.  Not only do brides want the latest trends in wedding dresses, but veils too! Today we will talk about the different trends in veils for 2012.

Wedding veil trends for 2012

Once the gown is chosen most brides search for the perfect veil to go with it. So, what veils are in this year? The prominent trend in veils for 2012 is actually dimension and fuller veils.  Veils with dimension feature 3D treatments added to the edge of the veil or scattered all over. Sheer organza flowers and satin bows are just the few of the beautiful accents added to these veils.  Previously, brides would look for simple veils with little or no gatherings; however, in 2012 brides are looking for extra fullness and extra pouf!
A fuller wedding veil is especially beneficial to a shorter bride because it adds height. One example of this trend is the Bouffant Classic style veil which has a “lift” of bridal illusion tulle stitched under the veil to help maintain the extra height and fullness. The Fountain Veil is another example of a fuller veil. They call it a fountain veil because the tulle spills out of the comb just like the water from a fountain. This veil also contains a “lift” under the veil and you can add a variety of embellishments and edgings as well.

The alternative to the traditional wedding veil!

Many brides have opted out of the traditional veil and are going for something new and different.  Many styles from the Elizabethan period are coming back like headbands and flower crowns.  Headbands are the latest rave and are an absolutely charming alternative to the veil.  They can be as elaborate or simple as you like and easily worn all night.  Online marketplaces like Etsy are full of vendors that sell handmade headbands in every style imaginable.  Flower crowns are truly whimsical and feminine and perfect for an outdoor wedding.  Choose fresh or dried flowers depending on the season and create something totally unique.
Another more formal option is the tiara for those brides that want to look like a princess on their big day.  The options here are limitless from the types of stones to metal color and of course size.  Silk or real flowers, feathers, or jeweled hair pins are all fabulous alternatives to the veil as well.  No matter what you decide just remember that what you wear on your head can make just a big a statement as your wedding gown.  So put some thought into it and get creative!





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Wedding Centerpiece Trends

Wedding centerpiece trends

Your wedding centerpiece is one of the many decisions you have to make when planning your wedding. It’s basically like the icing on the cake and will set the atmosphere at the reception. Your guests will be facing the centerpiece for most of the reception so it is important to have something that is eye catching and will start up conversations within the table instead of inhibiting by blocking them from seeing each other. 


Today, brides are moving away from the traditional floral arrangements. They want to be different, stand out and create something memorable for their guests.  Of course, one can never go wrong with fragrant floral arrangements but nowadays the bride shouldn’t limit herself to bouquets and topiaries made of flowers. To create a stunning centerpiece you don’t have to spend a lot of money and it can still be memorable.

Use balloons for a wedding centerpiece


The first non-traditional wedding centerpiece trend we will see is balloons! I know your probably thinking balloons are meant for birthday parties but the lovely helium balloons can actually look rather whimsical and romantic.  Balloons can be anything but tacky. In fact, many balloon companies are able to make dazzling balloon sculptures and backdrops. Also, these glowing balloons can add depth and dimension to your wedding décor. They are less expensive than flowers and definitely more unique.

Use a tall wedding centerpiece

The second non-traditional wedding centerpiece trend is tall towering centerpieces. These centerpieces are especially best for venues with high ceilings as they fill in some of the vertical space so the room will feel less sparse.  Using tall flowering branches with strings of crystal, votive lights, or anything else is unique and eye catching.  If you’re worried that these high centerpieces may obstruct your guests view just make sure the vase is slender and translucent. This will add a dramatic elegance that a lower centerpiece could not.


Use lamps for your wedding centerpiece

The next wedding centerpiece trend we will see involves lamps! These decretive lamps not only function as a beautiful centerpiece but also table lighting. They are a great way to add height and the design possibilities are endless. There are so many different lamp designs, shapes, and styles to choose from, not to mention they seem to help set a romantic atmosphere for the wedding. The nice thing about lamp centerpiece is that you don’t have to spend a ton of money to get the look you want. Even a simple IKEA lamp can be jazzed up with some ribbon or some kind of floral base.


And your guests can even take them home!  It is also popular to use candle holders of varying heights as a centerpiece and again the options are endless.  There are so many stores that carry all kinds of candle holders at great prices so you can get enough of the same kind for much less than a flower arrangement would cost.  Whatever you decide to do, incorporating something that has meaning to you will make it even  more memorable to your guests.


Wedding Trends 2012: Wedding Bouquets

It’s time to talk about bouquets!  For the past few wedding seasons we have seen brightly colored bouquets in vibrant shades rather than pastels. Lively hues are more common for both daytime and night time weddings and brides are getting more creative than ever.

Brides create glamorous bouquets by using beads, brooches, jewel pins, pearls and even crystal rhinestones.  This is a fabulous way to incorporate your something old, borrowed, blue or just sentimental by including a piece of jewelry in your bouquet.

With the continuing popularity in beach and garden weddings brides are using elements such as shells, succulents, feathers, berries and pinecones to their bouquets to give it a more natural look. If you are getting married in the winter consider a bouquet made of fir, cedar, berries, wild pines and aspen twigs.

Or if you are getting married in a tropical setting consider a bouquet made entirely out of Caribbean leaves like areca palm leaves and galax papyrus.  We are seeing bouquets made entirely out of felt flowers, brooches, candy, buttons, silk butterflies and many other unique items.  Don’t be confined to using just flowers for your bouquet.  Get creative and make your bouquet as individual as you are.

Tips for Choosing Wedding Bouquet

If you’re unsure where to start when picking out flowers for your bouquet, start with a flower that has significance or sentimental value.  Maybe the first flower your fiancé gave you or the flowers that grew in your mother’s garden.  Another example is to mix the bride’s birth flower with the groom’s birth flower.  Keep in mind the season and venue for your wedding and pick something that will not wilt easily.  You will also want to keep your bridesmaid dress color in mind to make sure their matching bouquets don’t clash.  
Another bouquet trend for 2012 is to ditch the handle. You don’t have to carry your flowers tied together with ribbon and lace anymore. Get creative and choose something more personal by attaching the wedding bouquet flowers to a clutch, book, fan or any object that has special meaning to you and your groom.  The ideas and options are endless and you can become your own trendsetter by coming up with something no one has ever done before. Who knows, you might like your bouquet too much to even throw over your shoulder!

Brooch Wedding Bouquets in 2012 

This is hands down my favorite new trend for wedding bouquets.  Not only do they sparkle and shine but they are totally unique and can be heirloom pieces.  The cool thing about this hot new trend is that you can use it to include your family and friends in the process of your wedding bouquets. All you have to do is ask your family and friends to lend you any brooches they have. Incorporating something that has meaning to you will make your wedding day that much more special. Or go out and choose new brooches that you can use again and again.  There are many brooches in the shape of flowers so you can have a bouquet made entirely out of jeweled flowers.

Many wedding gowns have a side brooch as the focal point of the gown and having a brooch bouquet will highlight this.  Most bouquets range anywhere from $275-500, but if you create your own using recycled brooches you won’t have to spend a dime!  You can get a Styrofoam ball and the other materials you need very cheaply at a craft store. Even better, just like photos, your brooch bouquet will last forever and can be a hand-me-down for your daughters and granddaughters. So, if you want something totally unique that will be an heirloom piece, opt for a brooch bouquet. Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend but these dazzling brooch wedding bouquets are a close second.



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Finding photographers if your a bride on a budget

When you’re a bride on a budget you know how difficult it can be to plan a wedding. You don’t want to completely empty out the bank so you know you have to look for all the deals and savings you can find. When it comes to your dress you can simply purchase a sample gown or even a pre-owned dress. With invitations there are plenty of websites that offer huge savings and deals on custom designed cards or you can even make your own from kits at craft stores like Michaels. Your wedding day will be one of the biggest days of your life and having high quality photographic memories is a must. But when you’re working with a tight budget what do you do?  You could just have a friend take them but that is pretty risky and they will probably not turn out as you had hoped. When you’re a bride on a budget finding a photographer whose prices are reasonable can be difficult to do. So today we will help you find cheap ways to capture the best day of your life.  The day will go by quickly and the photos will be the memories you keep for a lifetime.

             Choose an off-peak day if your a bride on a budget!

When you book a wedding venue you will save more money by having your wedding on any day but Saturday or during the off-season. The same goes for photographers and videographers. If you book your wedding during the week and not summer time the cost is much cheaper. Photographers are in high demand on Saturdays especially during the summertime which allows them to charge more for their services during these times. Not only that, the bride on a budget will have a better selection of photographers to choose from if she decides to have her wedding during the off-season time.  One of the best ways to find a photographer is to go to a bridal show in your area.  There are always tons of photographers at bridal shows and you will have the opportunity to meet them and see their work first hand.  You need to make sure you like the person that is going to be following you around all day!

The bride on a budget should limit the photographer’s time


If you don’t want to pay your photographer an arm and a leg, limit the time he or she will work during the wedding. Generally, photographers and videographers charge by the hour.  A full 10 hour day can cost from $4,000-$10,000! So, all you have to do is simply limit the amount of hours you want them to work. You can hire them just for the ceremony and half the reception, or just the ceremony and supplement these photos with other photos guests have taken. Another great idea is to hire a student photographer who will charge a lot less but still have the experience of a professional.  A great place to look for students is on Craigslist.  But keep in mind, you still won’t be dealing with a professional so make sure you trust the person. This way, the bride on a budget can have the professional photographer take pictures during the wedding ceremony and only an hour of the reception and use the student photographer for the rest of the reception.

Lastly, make sure you have a list of what all is included in the cost so there are no surprises.  How many hours of service and will there be an assistant.  How many edited images does it include and do you get these on a CD, etc.  They should give you a breakdown of everything you get for the price including and images or prints that are included.  You may also want to find out how much it is for extra digital images or prints so you don’t get in a position where you have to pay just as much to get your pictures as you did to have them taken.  And most importantly…………….NEGOTIATE!  Everything is negotiable from your venue to your photographer.  So, if you have a budget, tell them what you can pay and see what they can do for you.  You never know unless you ask.  It’s important to document your wedding on your big day and the bride on a budget can do so by using these tips. Good luck!


 Why We Love Vintage Wedding Dresses

Wedding gowns from the 2013 bridal collection are almost here! I know I’ve already talked about new wedding gown trends but what about old trends? Old is new and for the 2013 collection you will see beautifully crafted vintage wedding dresses that will amaze you.  There are so many reasons why we love vintage for a wedding day. For one, these dresses are more unique than others and are specially designed to the traditions of the past.  These styles have survived the ages and never really go out of style for a good reason.  They are timeless and always in fashion. Picking out a wedding dress is a long process and can be tough for many brides. However, if you choose a vintage wedding dress you will never look back and regret wearing something that was too trendy.  You used to have to search high and low for vintage wedding dresses and usually have them reconstructed in some way.  But now there are so many designers that are creating new gowns that mimic the past.

How To Choose A Vintage Wedding Dress

These dresses have long been popular in bride land but this year designers have been inspired by the 1920s. This look features a looser fitting sheath gown. Many designers like Vera Wang and Amsale will re-design a look of the past and construct a new gown out of it. If you really want to go vintage and choose a real vintage wedding dress, first figure out which decade suits you best. Let’s keep going with the 1930s which features a more slim and narrow look and is curve revealing. This decade is best for slender, tall, straight and curvy figures. In the 1940s dresses featured puffed shoulders, sweetheart necklines, peplums and full or narrow skirts. This decade suits more curvier, plus size women. Next we have the 1950s which featured a full skirt with crinoline and a fitted waist. This decade is best for pear, curvy and plus size figures. In the 1960s the look was a more slender long A-line skirt with an empire waist. This suits apple, petite and straight figures best. 1970s vintage wedding dresses were peasant/prairie inspired which consisted of loose, flowy, and narrower skirts.

1970s vintage wedding dresses look good on all different shapes and sizes especially taller gals. Last we have the 1980s which is definitely one of my favorites!  These gowns featured big sleeves and high collar necklines, which were made popular after the wedding of Princess Diana. These gowns can also suit a variety of shapes and sizes. So, now that you know the dress shapes and silhouettes by decade the next step is to search for your dress.  Some designers are recreating these looks but you may have to search for a truly vintage gown to get just what you want.  Just remember, these gowns are old and have been worn or preserved, so don’t worry if there is a stain, broken seams or a slight yellowish discoloration, because they can all be remedied and restored!  Consignment stores are not the only place to look because there are many online resources where girls can sell their gowns.  Searching is half the fun!




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