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Why everyone loves Vera Wang

Vera Wang is undoubtedly an icon within the wedding industry. Not only have her modern variations and her unique style set the standard for bridal wear, but also for women’s fashion all around. Vera was inspired to start her dressmaking company by her own nuptials so it’s no wonder that she is spot-on with creating fairy tale wedding dresses. Wang’s love for fashion and desire to create unique fashion forward wedding gowns transformed the bridal gown industry.  Her gowns are a mixture between high fashion and a traditional elegance. Our favorite thing about Wang is that she doesn’t make her wedding gowns so fabric-heavy and understands the gown should be an extension of the bride.

Vera Wang adds a little twist on traditional wedding gowns

With weddings becoming more and more customized, non-traditional wedding dresses are popping up more and more. Vera Wang is definitely best at adding a little twist to the traditional wedding dress.  Gone are the days of just the traditional white gown. Wang understands that brides do not want to look exactly like the next. In almost all of Wang’s collections you can see how unique and different each gown is constructed. In 2010 Wang used non-traditional colors such as soft grays and hues of yellow.


In 2011 her line can be best described as flowing, romantic, sweet and airy, almost like cotton candy with a twist of elegance and couture. One of my favorite Vera Wang non-traditional wedding twists was her 2012 line. These gowns featured light, airy concoctions of froth in both black and nude! I loved this look because it gave a sexy, mysterious and fun look. In 2013 her spring collection will feature rose-tulled skirts, décolletage overlays and details galore.
I know some of you are thinking you would never wear a red dress to your wedding but never say never. This line was inspired by the traditional Chinese wedding color palette and the celebration of love.  All of these gowns are also available in white or ivory. However, if you’re more of a non-traditional bride red is calling your name!

 Vera Wang Caters To Every Bride's Desire

Vera Wang is typically the first designer that pops into a brides mind when she starts looking for her wedding dress because Wang caters to every bride’s desire.  With her impeccable taste and eye for beauty you are guaranteed to find the dress you dreamed for.  If you want to feel like a princess on your big day Wang has created various fits of A-lines, fitted sheaths, and a modern twist on the mermaid- train gown. Even better, she adds a little sex appeal to each of them. For those brides who want a more romantic fantasy Wang has constructed the most beautiful fairy tale ball gowns complete with puffy layers of skirt. The best part, her trends never go out of style leaving you with a lot more options to choose from.
Wang has become a high- profile figure in the fashion world because she has the ability to create dresses that cater to a women’s every whim and dream.  Many brides, from Hollywood celebrities and royalty to regular brides, choose Vera Wang to complete the picture.  Of course, Vera Wang gowns come at a hefty price due to their couture construction and impeccable fabrics.  But the smart and savvy bride can find preowned or sample Vera Wang wedding gowns at a fraction of the cost.  If you are on a budget or just don’t want to spend a fortune on your wedding gown there are countless gowns to choose from online.  Every bride deserves to wear her dream gown and Vera Wang is in the business of making dreams come true.





How the bride to be can keep cool at her summer wedding


Summer weddings are magical, beautiful, exciting and HOT! We have all been to at least one summer wedding this year and experienced the heat I am talking about. High temperatures can result in frayed tempers leaving the bride and her guests unhappy. If you are a bride to be all you need is some planning to keep everyone looking and feeling their best on your amazing day. Summer is the most beautiful times of the year to get married because the weather is warm, the flowers are in bloom, etc.Not only that, if you like bright bold colors, you can choose beautiful brilliant summer colors to go with your theme. However, many brides are skeptical about having summer weddings because they want their guests to enjoy themselves instead of ducking bees and swatting flies and mosquitoes. Today, we will give you ideas on how to keep cool for your summer wedding.

Summer Wedding

The bride to be can stay cool in her summer wedding dress 

Summer Wedding!

How hot is too hot? If you’re a bride to be and want to have a summer wedding but are afraid to melt away in your beautiful wedding gown, no sweat! I understand the wedding dress is already a lot of pressure for one garment, but if you don’t want to sweat, simply choose a wedding dress made of organic cotton, hemp or silk.  Lighter weight silks like taffeta, organza, and chiffon will be much cooler than a thicker silk satin or mikado. Natural fibers breathe much better than synthetics so if you know you’ll be in 90-degree weather stick with these fabrics. Another option is to wear a shorter gown. Style is important and the bride to be may think shorter gowns are not formal enough.  However, shorter gowns are actually making a huge come back and can still be very formal.

What about the groom and the guests? Instead of dark suits or tuxedos the gents should clad themselves in lighter-colored linen pants and un-tucked shirts. Your guests also want to be comfortable in the heat so make sure you express how formal your wedding will be to your guests especially the women.  Since summer weddings often tend to be less formal allow your guests to wear cotton dresses and wedges.  You can also incorporate fun favors to keep guests cool like using fans with the wedding program printed on them.  These are wonderful especially if your wedding is going to be outside.  Just hand them out to guests as they arrive and they can keep themselves cool as well as have all the information about your ceremony.


Summer Wedding

The bride to be has more choices with summer weddings

The summertime is perfect for the bride to be if a little extra heat and humidity won’t put her off. If you have out of town guests they will appreciate it more because their children are out of school and bosses are often more lenient with vacation time. In the end you will have happy guests, bright sunshine, and clear blue skies, which will give you a beautiful background for your wedding pictures. 

Here is a video we found that captures that everything a summer wedding should be... Enjoy!

Whether you’re the bride, the groom, a member of the wedding party or a guest, keeping cool is very important. One last tip; you can’t go wrong with a hand-held battery operated fan.  Battery operated fans are perfect for the bride to be because they are cheap, they last long and can fit right into your clutch or pocket. With some careful planning you can enjoy the great outdoors while preventing your guests from melting in the heat.





Unique wedding food ideas that will leave your guests satisfied


We all know planning a wedding can take months and even years. As a bride, you must choose:  the perfect dress, bridesmaids, maid of honor, colors, decorations, cake, wedding food and the list can go on and on. At the end of the day, what are your guests going to remember most about your wedding? A recent poll shows that guests actually enjoy the reception more than the wedding ceremony. The wedding ceremony is all about the bride and groom and the reception is all about your guests! With that said if you want to make sure your guests talk about your wedding reception for years to come, consider using some of these wedding food trends.


Make your wedding food exciting by adding some twists


We all love and live for food these days. In fact, I’m getting hungry just talking about it! It’s your wedding day and your guests are looking forward to one thing, food! Let’s face it; as soon as they enter the reception hall, the only thing they are thinking about is filling their empty bellies. Take your pick of beef, fish or chicken.  Does that sound exciting? Unfortunately, almost every wedding seems to have the same plate, which consists of a protein paired with some form of potatoes and vegetables. I can’t tell you how many times I went to In-N-Out for a cheeseburger after a wedding because I was not satisfied. I understand food is expensive and clearly not everyone can afford a royal wedding reception; however, make your guests happy by adding some twists in traditional wedding food.


Wedding food trends for 2012



Creating the perfect unique wedding reception following the wedding ceremony can be tough. Today, we will help you come up with unique ideas for tastier food your guests will enjoy.  First, what better way to serve appetizers than with a fondue station? With this option, your guests can dip bread and vegetables in different types of cheese sauces. For those who do not like cheese, consider having a sushi station. If you don’t like sushi than create a french fry bar with an abundance of different dipping sauces! For the main course, give your guests a different experience by giving each table a chopping board with already carved meat such as steak, chicken, lamb or pork.



Not only that allow your guests to choose their wedding food sides by placing a variety of side options in bowls around the table such as, macaroni and cheese, shrimp cocktail, salad, garlic bread, or pizza bites.  In addition to feeding your guests, the food bowls are actually a conversation starter. Last but not least, dessert! Instead of having one big cake, have individual cakes as your centerpiece on every guest table, each a different flavor. This way your guests can mingle and munch! If you’re like me and hate cake, then kill the cake and opt for cupcakes or an ice cream bar for your wedding food dessert! I know you want to play it safe by having chicken, beef or fish, but make your entrees a little more interesting and it will be a little more special!









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 Choosing the perfect wedding invitations

The task of choosing the perfect wedding invitations can be rather difficult. There are so many to choose from, which can be overwhelming, especially for brides who never put much thought into wedding stationary before. The first impression your guests will have in regards to the style of your wedding is based on your invitations. Your guests can get an idea of what style, theme and colors you will have for your wedding. Most times when we receive an invitation in the mail we respond to it and then never look at it again until the wedding day. Grab your guests attention by coming up with an eye-catching invitation that compliments your wedding theme, color and style.

Go green with your wedding invitations

In today’s society more and more people are “going green.” With Fall 2012 wedding season around the corner many brides are becoming more eco-friendly and sending their wedding invitations virtually.

So, instead of wasting paper and mailing it to their guests they simply complete this task online. If you do want to use invitations there are a wide variety of eco-friendly invitations to choose from. For example, there is recycled stock, handmade paper, tree free and chlorine free invitations. Some brides are even adding pressed flowers and leaves to the paper giving it a nice botanical touch.  Also, instead of using a card that requires an envelope use a reply postcard instead to eliminate extra paper use.

No more white wedding invitations!

The next trend in wedding invitations involves bold colors. We are so used to seeing white invitations printed on beautiful paper but in 2012 white is no longer the norm and less formal invitations are making a huge statement. Rich and bold colors are very popular this year. If you’re having a winter wedding use onyx black with touches of white and silver. If you want more color use forest green and plum which are beautiful winter color schemes.

For spring weddings use colors like magnolia pink, daisy yellow and leaf green to give a blooming garden feel. My favorite season for weddings is summer where you will see electric colors such as apple green, aqua blue, bright yellow and orange. Last but not least are beautiful deep shades for spring weddings such as chocolate brown, rusty orange and scarlet.  Along with bold colors are invitations with photos, humor, and other personal touches.

Vintage wedding invitations are a hit in 2012

This year the biggest trend in weddings is vintage and this includes wedding invitations as well.  Vintage style weddings remain popular because it has a romantic feel to it. Also, vintage is timeless and will never go out of style. Brides are stealing ideas from their grandmothers and great grandmothers to get the perfect vintage look for their wedding. These vintage invitations include, lace, “kraft” paper, cardstocks, and twine instead of ribbon.

The best part about these vintage inspired invitations is definitely the fun font combinations. They actually remind me of old-fashioned advertisements from way back in the day.  The wedding color trends for vintage invitations feature softer colors such as rose, peach and champagne. Your invitations should reflect the style and theme of your wedding whether that be formal, retro, vintage, beachy, or whatever you choose.  Make them personal and unique and even frame one as a keepsake.

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Wedding Reception Activities


Wedding reception activities are the perfect icebreaker


Everyone can’t wait to see you walk down the aisle and say “I do,” but the fun doesn’t have to stop there.  Wedding reception activities are actually what most guests look forward to. It’s a special day for both the bride and the groom and what better way to celebrate it than with your family and friends.  It’s a time where everyone gets to meet each other, hit the dance floor, and even take advantage of the open bar. However, we’ve all been to that wedding reception where we were not familiar with most of the people there, only leaving you awkward and bored.  The bride and groom can break this initial uneasiness by coming up with the perfect wedding reception activities to entertain their guests.  It no longer has to be the standard routine of first dance, speeches, cake, and bouquet toss.  Couples are getting more and more creative with the activities, events, and shows they include in their celebration.

Wedding reception activities before dinner

Your guests are waiting for you and your new husband to arrive at the reception so you can all celebrate together.  Instead of just greeting them with appetizers and drinks give them something else to do.  Keep your guests entertained and awake by playing a game like wedding couple trivia. Before the meal is served or even in between music sets have questions about you and your new spouse written down on cards. For example, ask questions such as, where did the bride and groom meet and where was their first kiss? Have the DJ or your parents ask the first question in the microphone and call on a table to answer. Once someone has answered correctly they step up to the microphone to ask the next question and so on.  It gets people involved and mingling.   If you want to make these wedding reception activities a little more competitive have the table that answers the question correctly win a prize!


Everyone loves musical chairs for wedding reception activities

Reception games are a great way for your guests to get to know each other better within their tables. A great way to do this is by playing an old fashioned game of musical chairs by having the DJ or band play a song and then stop suddenly. Guests who don’t quickly find a seat around their table are out. Eventually, one person will be left at each table and the winner gets a prize. If these activities seem too active and complicated for you and your guests then simply have a raffle. Just give a card with a number on it to every guest and have a drawing.  The prizes you give away don’t have to be expensive gifts because everyone loves winning something. Your guests will remain entertained if you choose to include wedding reception activities on your wedding day and will make your day more memorable.


Wedding reception activities for the kids

Now this is something I feel is missing from wedding receptions and is such an easy fix.  Not only will having activities give the kids something to do but it will give the parents a chance to relax.  Even hire a few babysitters for the reception with a room filled with kid activities, games, coloring, or even a movie.  It will be well worth the money, keep the kids entertained and give your guests a break from the kids ;-)  You could even go all out and get a bouncy house!  Your reception is supposed to be beautiful experience but you also want to make sure everyone has a good time.



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