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Iconic Celebrity Wedding Dresses - A Step Back In Time

Looking great in any of the known celebrity wedding dresses never fails to highlight the ceremony joining two hearts as one. There are just a few once-in-a lifetime events in a woman's life worth making a big fuss about, and a wedding tops the list. Of course, one can have an inexpensive nude wedding on any Norwegian beach, but we're talking about traditional weddings where fashion stands out as a defining character of the two lovebirds taking their matrimonial vows in a church or garden ceremony.

Why do women love celebrity wedding dresses?


It's timeless. In a word, that's what defines celebrity wedding dresses of the last 100 years. It can be the wedding of the century (there are several touted as one), something as regal as the David and Elizabeth Emanuel silk taffeta gown the late Princess Diana wore for her 1981 royal wedding to British throne heir Prince Charles that upstaged the equally radiant Helen Rose gown worn by Princess Grace Kelly in her 1956 nuptial to Monaco's Prince Ranier III. If you didn't know who was wearing either, there are no design clues that betray the decade or year they were worn in. In fact, you can have your favorite couturier copy either designs for your own 21st century wedding and still look fashionably gorgeous.

 Timeless simplicity and elegance in celebrity wedding dresses

Weddings may not be a once-in-a-lifetime affair for the late Hollywood screen goddess Elizabeth Taylor, but she certainly had the flair to make every wedding a dream photo opportunity for the paparazzi's following her every move. More than most any other women of her time, she built-up an enviable wedding wardrobe worn in 8 weddings between 1950 and 1991. From the fairy-like regal exuberance of her first white wedding gown (costing $1,500 in 1950, a fortune at that time) when she wedded her first husband, hotel magnate Conrad "Nicky" Hilton, to her more subdued yellow chiffon with matching headpiece of white hyacinths for her first wedding of hubby number 5, Welsh acting legend Richard Burton in 1964 (divorced and remarried in 1975). Elizabeth Taylor effectively defined what 20th century celebrity wedding dresses have come to look like. And what they look simply reinforces what being "timeless" means.
The timeless quality of a wedding dress does not come from the design alone but from a synergy of how it creates a total persona with the one wearing it. If there are celebrity wedding dresses that define timeless grace and elegance that are rare among Hollywood stars, you can find one in the Pierre Balmain tea-length dress (not really a gown) worn by fashion icon and star Audrey Hepburn in her nuptial with fellow actor Mel Ferrer in 1954. Even with a prudish high neck, full-length sleeves and a floral tiara, the simple wedding dress is everything that fans expect in a stylishly elegant persona of an Audrey Hepburn.
Simplicity in celebrity wedding dresses couldn't get any simpler than with the Yves Saint Laurent tailored office look with a plunging neckline jacket that Bianca wore with a wide brim hat for her nuptial with Rolling Stone rock star Mick Jagger in 1971. It's really about making the right choice of wedding dress to accentuate what looks great in a woman that adds to the timelessness of the dress. In this case, the very down-to-earth Bianca with a masculine persona couldn't be better served than with the tailored look of that YSL wedding dress she wore.


Wedding gowns, if properly preserved from the ravages of time, can be heirloom pieces. Unless you were wedded in your 40's carrying a wider girth, your daughter can, with just some retouches, wear it again for her own nuptial, and again by your granddaughter. If you're looking for $1,000 to $10,000 wedding gown designs that celebrities have worn over the last 100 years, there is no need to spend full retail from known fashion czars who are celebrities on their own. You can always buy the sample of the gown you love here, and still stand out to dazzle your guests. With the dozens of celebrity wedding dresses at half the cost of what celebrities paid, one thing stands out for which you as the bride can never go wrong with a wedding dress design that exudes proven timeless elegance that you can pass on to the next generation.

You're Engaged! What About An Engagement Party?

If you haven't thought of planning an engagement party, then you may want to add it to your to-do list. By doing so, you can introduce the wedding party and guests to each other, which will make your wedding that much more intimate and fun when it occurs.

                           What You Need To Do First:

Elizabeth Tobe Photography

engagement party

Before you plan anything, you need to sit down with your fiancé (it's nice to say, right?) and plan out the bigger details, such as when your wedding will be, where it will be, who will definitely be in the wedding party, how much you want to spend on the wedding, and what kind of party you want to give your guests.

Answering those questions will help give you goals to reach, and will also set a tone for the length of your engagement. In short, when you have a common goal in mind for your wedding, you will not be wavering back and forth throughout your engagement about the finer details.

 What About An Engagement Party?

Another immediate consideration that you and your fiancé should take into account is an engagement party. Even though it is not essential to hold party based around your engagement, it is a nice gesture to celebrate with your friends and family before the wedding occurs, and as said it will make your wedding that much more intimate.

There are a few things you need to consider for this party. First, where do you want to hold the party? If you have picked out a specific theme for your wedding, then you may want to carry out that theme in your engagement party because it will give guests a feel for what is coming up.

engagement party

engagement party

You will also have to consider the cost of this party and factor that into the cost of your total wedding. If you look at your wedding and "engagement party" as a whole cost, then it will be much easier to see where your allotted money is going to go, and you will be able to stay within an acceptable budget.

What Do You Need To Book Right Now For Your Engagement Party?

As soon as you know the venue that you want to hold your party, book it for your date of choice. Many times, your first choice will be other people's first choice as well, and this could cost you a venue that you want. Even if the chances of it being booked are slim, you should still make the booking now because you need to ensure you have a place to point your guests to without worrying about whether it will all work out. Also this is a good time to start thinking about your dress. If you are wanting to keep to a budget and still have the dress of your dreams then view our sample designer wedding dresses here.

engagement party

Elizabeth Tobe photography

Having pictures at your both your wedding and your party of engagement will allow you to really tie in the events together, and they will both be valuable as you look back on this time. You may be able to work out a deal with a photographer if you use them at both events, so this should be something you should look into immediately. Good photographers are often booked months in advance, and putting off this task could cost you the photographer you really want.

In the end, it is a great feeling to be engaged and you should enjoy it, but it can be a stressful time if you let it be. Planning your wedding and engagement party from the beginning, along with anything else you need to do, will save you a ton of stress and allow you to sit back and enjoy the ride.


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Top Wedding Theme Ideas for 2013

2013 is a great year for weddings with tons of unique wedding theme ideas being introduced that follow a more vintage feel, as well as very unique and exciting color schemes. When you are looking on the runways at the moment, the latest trends are lots of lace, flowing dresses that are slightly loose, and low backs with illusion necklines. These are what you should be looking for, but how do you translate this into your wedding theme? Well, here are some great ideas that you can take some inspiration from.

Chriostos wedding dresses

Mint Wedding Theme Ideas

mint wedding theme ideas

Mint green is the latest color trend in weddings at the moment, with bride's maid's dresses being made of chiffon and other soft, flowing fabrics. Cakes are being made mint green and lots of other retro elements, which add a very 1930's feel to the entire wedding. For a more contemporary feel, bride's are even choosing to go for a pale mint green dress, or just a mint green sash. With mint, you can go for the more modern looking designed which can be fitted and have larger skirts, or you can stick to a plain, simple, slim cut dress.


This is one of the top wedding theme ideas that everyone is going for nowadays, with gold or orange hues being used as accent colors. Often the mint green dresses look amazing with peach colored flowers. What's great about this color is that it is soft and romantic, yet also masculine enough for the groom and groomsmen to wear. Grey suits are often paired with a mint green shirt or white shirt with mint green tie.

Badgley Mischka wedding dresses

Vintage is Back!

Vintage is definitely in at the moment in terms of wedding theme ideas, with exquisite wedding gown designs epitomizing the era of the 30's and 40's, with hints of the 20's as well. This is all thanks to new movies like The Great Gatsby and other trends. Vintage means lots of lace and beadwork, straight flowing dresses with billowing lace or chiffon sleeves, low waist lines, and plenty of fringes. The runways at the moment are showing very intricate designs, with elegant lines and pretty cuts. Some offer some interesting additions such as sheer neck and shoulder coverings, sheer and lace backs, and lace capped sleeves.

Allure Couture wedding dresses


For wedding theme ideas, going for a relaxed country garden weddings lends itself perfectly to a vintage dress and vintage styling. You could even go for a full on 30's theme where the guests can also dress up. Vintage can also work in a hotel that is designed in the style of that era. Accessories for vintage weddings will include the long, traditional veils, and well as cloche veils, which are very Great Gatsby-esque. Beaded headbands, and lace with netting worn over the face are also popular and can add a hint of glamorous drama.

Rainbow Modern Wedding Theme Ideas


Another interesting wedding theme for this year is that of rainbow colors. Gone are the days of picking a single wedding theme color or perhaps 2. Nowadays brides are opting for every color under the sun. Traditionally bride's maids all wore the same color or perhaps alternating colors, but in 2013 it is perfectly en vogue for the bride to stand out in a white, sleek, modern satin gown, and each bride's maid to wear a different color dress, sticking to bold colors of the rainbow. This makes the theme slightly easier to assemble as you don't have to be overly concerned with matching everything perfectly. You can choose a combination of any flowers you love, decorate with anything you like.

So, there you have it! Three brilliant wedding theme ideas that will give you great décor and wedding dress ideas!


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The Pros & Cons of Couture Wedding Dresses

If you've dreamed of walking down the aisle in one of your favorite couture wedding dresses, it's worth seriously considering turning your dream into a reality. After all, you probably don't plan to walk down the aisle again, so it may be worth splurging on a gown that makes you feel like a princess!

The pros of Couture Wedding dresses:

When you purchase a couture dress, you can expect it to be crafted out of high quality materials including the finest lace, silk and beads. While you may be able to find a similar looking dress that is cheaper, the craftsmanship won't be the same. Remember, there's no point ordering a dress with exquisite lace detailing if the lace is cheap and tacky.

VIP experience
When you shop for couture dress you'll feel like a VIP as the staff will do everything they can to make your fitting special. Not only do shops and boutiques who sell couture wedding dresses offer larger more comfortable dressing rooms but they often treat customers to free glasses of champagne and finger food.


No regret
If you splurge on your dream dress you'll have no regrets. After all, there is nothing worse than looking back at photos from your wedding and wishing that you'd spent a little more to walk down the aisle in your dream dress.

Can be kept as a family heirloom
If you purchase a couture dress it will still be in perfect condition in twenty or thirty years' time. A couture dress would also make the perfect family heirloom and would be a lovely gift to pass on to a daughter, niece or god daughter one day.

Unique styles
If you splurge on a couture dress you'll be able to wear a design that's both timeless and fresh. After all, you don't want to walk down the aisle in a cheaper dress, that you're not in love with and that every girl in town will be wearing on their wedding day.

 The Cons of Couture Wedding Dresses:

The Price
There's no doubt that couture wedding dresses are significantly more expensive than regular wedding dresses. However, if you can only afford to splash out on a couture garment once, it's sensible to splash out on your wedding dress as your wedding will be one of the most important days of your life.

Depending on the brand or model of dress you're interested in you may need to book your fitting well in advance, in case your dress takes a few weeks or months to be shipped to you. While you can buy cheaper bridal dresses off the rack, couture dresses are normally only available in a limited number and need to be ordered well in advance.


So if you've got your heart set on a Romona Keveza gown or a Vera Wang gown, don't let others put you off or tell you that it's too expensive. A couture dress is worth every penny! After all, your wedding is your special day and you deserve to walk down in the aisle in the dress of your dreams. So what are you waiting for? The sooner you book a fitting the sooner you'll be able to try on as many couture wedding dresses as you'd like! Start your search here...








 How To Match Your Wedding Cake with your Theme??

Oftentimes brides have imagined the perfect theme for their wedding!  One that fits the personality of the bride and groom to a T.  Maybe she wants a beach wedding, or a vintage wedding.  I've seen theme's as unique as rock and roll weddings and weddings with a classic movie theme!  The possibilities are endless!  Sometimes it can be difficult to find a wedding cake design that perfectly matches the theme as unique and customized as the couple.  However, there are a few easy ways to create a cake that fits into your wedding perfectly!

wedding cakes
wedding cakes

The easiest way is to incorporate color onto your wedding cake.  Many December brides have a Christmas theme.  By placing some red ribbon around the bottom of each tier, the cake magically coordinates with the rest of the reception.  A popular spring color combination this year is green and peach.  By creating a peach colored cake with a green scroll on the sides, it transforms from a design that could be at any wedding into a one of a kind cake that can only fit into your wedding!

 Incorporate Some of The Elements into the Wedding Cake


Another option is to add elements from your wedding décor onto your wedding cake.  If you are decorating with burlap, place a burlap band around the center of each tier.  Is your reception filled with floral arrangements?  Are roses bursting out of every vase on every table?  Add a beautiful cascade of fresh roses on your cake! 

One way to guarantee your cake design is 100% unique to your theme – replicate a focal point in your wedding!  Do you have a beautifully elegant design on your invitations?  Ask your baker to create that image on your cake as well.  I've even had brides bring me photos of their dress and ask me to re create the lace design.  Guests rave over the way brides tie in their dress with their "wedding cake"!

wedding cakes


wedding cakes

Lastly, consider your location. Match your wedding cake to your surroundings. If you are having a beach wedding, add some white chocolate sea shells on your cake.  For brides getting married in the city, one option is to create the city skyline on the side of each tier! 

There are many ways you can customize your wedding cake to fit your theme. The best way to decide is to sit down and consider these options. See which idea you are drawn to the most and then personalize that idea to fit your theme and wedding cake!

For more information on Kayle Knight and her beautiful wedding cakes click here.

~ Guest Blog by Kayla Knight

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