How To Match Your Wedding Cake with your Theme??

Oftentimes brides have imagined the perfect theme for their wedding!  One that fits the personality of the bride and groom to a T.  Maybe she wants a beach wedding, or a vintage wedding.  I've seen theme's as unique as rock and roll weddings and weddings with a classic movie theme!  The possibilities are endless!  Sometimes it can be difficult to find a wedding cake design that perfectly matches the theme as unique and customized as the couple.  However, there are a few easy ways to create a cake that fits into your wedding perfectly!

wedding cakes
wedding cakes

The easiest way is to incorporate color onto your wedding cake.  Many December brides have a Christmas theme.  By placing some red ribbon around the bottom of each tier, the cake magically coordinates with the rest of the reception.  A popular spring color combination this year is green and peach.  By creating a peach colored cake with a green scroll on the sides, it transforms from a design that could be at any wedding into a one of a kind cake that can only fit into your wedding!

 Incorporate Some of The Elements into the Wedding Cake


Another option is to add elements from your wedding décor onto your wedding cake.  If you are decorating with burlap, place a burlap band around the center of each tier.  Is your reception filled with floral arrangements?  Are roses bursting out of every vase on every table?  Add a beautiful cascade of fresh roses on your cake! 

One way to guarantee your cake design is 100% unique to your theme – replicate a focal point in your wedding!  Do you have a beautifully elegant design on your invitations?  Ask your baker to create that image on your cake as well.  I've even had brides bring me photos of their dress and ask me to re create the lace design.  Guests rave over the way brides tie in their dress with their "wedding cake"!

wedding cakes


wedding cakes

Lastly, consider your location. Match your wedding cake to your surroundings. If you are having a beach wedding, add some white chocolate sea shells on your cake.  For brides getting married in the city, one option is to create the city skyline on the side of each tier! 

There are many ways you can customize your wedding cake to fit your theme. The best way to decide is to sit down and consider these options. See which idea you are drawn to the most and then personalize that idea to fit your theme and wedding cake!

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~ Guest Blog by Kayla Knight