How the bride to be can keep cool at her summer wedding


Summer weddings are magical, beautiful, exciting and HOT! We have all been to at least one summer wedding this year and experienced the heat I am talking about. High temperatures can result in frayed tempers leaving the bride and her guests unhappy. If you are a bride to be all you need is some planning to keep everyone looking and feeling their best on your amazing day. Summer is the most beautiful times of the year to get married because the weather is warm, the flowers are in bloom, etc.Not only that, if you like bright bold colors, you can choose beautiful brilliant summer colors to go with your theme. However, many brides are skeptical about having summer weddings because they want their guests to enjoy themselves instead of ducking bees and swatting flies and mosquitoes. Today, we will give you ideas on how to keep cool for your summer wedding.

Summer Wedding

The bride to be can stay cool in her summer wedding dress 

Summer Wedding!

How hot is too hot? If you’re a bride to be and want to have a summer wedding but are afraid to melt away in your beautiful wedding gown, no sweat! I understand the wedding dress is already a lot of pressure for one garment, but if you don’t want to sweat, simply choose a wedding dress made of organic cotton, hemp or silk.  Lighter weight silks like taffeta, organza, and chiffon will be much cooler than a thicker silk satin or mikado. Natural fibers breathe much better than synthetics so if you know you’ll be in 90-degree weather stick with these fabrics. Another option is to wear a shorter gown. Style is important and the bride to be may think shorter gowns are not formal enough.  However, shorter gowns are actually making a huge come back and can still be very formal.

What about the groom and the guests? Instead of dark suits or tuxedos the gents should clad themselves in lighter-colored linen pants and un-tucked shirts. Your guests also want to be comfortable in the heat so make sure you express how formal your wedding will be to your guests especially the women.  Since summer weddings often tend to be less formal allow your guests to wear cotton dresses and wedges.  You can also incorporate fun favors to keep guests cool like using fans with the wedding program printed on them.  These are wonderful especially if your wedding is going to be outside.  Just hand them out to guests as they arrive and they can keep themselves cool as well as have all the information about your ceremony.


Summer Wedding

The bride to be has more choices with summer weddings

The summertime is perfect for the bride to be if a little extra heat and humidity won’t put her off. If you have out of town guests they will appreciate it more because their children are out of school and bosses are often more lenient with vacation time. In the end you will have happy guests, bright sunshine, and clear blue skies, which will give you a beautiful background for your wedding pictures. 

Here is a video we found that captures that everything a summer wedding should be... Enjoy!

Whether you’re the bride, the groom, a member of the wedding party or a guest, keeping cool is very important. One last tip; you can’t go wrong with a hand-held battery operated fan.  Battery operated fans are perfect for the bride to be because they are cheap, they last long and can fit right into your clutch or pocket. With some careful planning you can enjoy the great outdoors while preventing your guests from melting in the heat.