Choosing the perfect wedding invitations

The task of choosing the perfect wedding invitations can be rather difficult. There are so many to choose from, which can be overwhelming, especially for brides who never put much thought into wedding stationary before. The first impression your guests will have in regards to the style of your wedding is based on your invitations. Your guests can get an idea of what style, theme and colors you will have for your wedding. Most times when we receive an invitation in the mail we respond to it and then never look at it again until the wedding day. Grab your guests attention by coming up with an eye-catching invitation that compliments your wedding theme, color and style.

Go green with your wedding invitations

In today’s society more and more people are “going green.” With Fall 2012 wedding season around the corner many brides are becoming more eco-friendly and sending their wedding invitations virtually.

So, instead of wasting paper and mailing it to their guests they simply complete this task online. If you do want to use invitations there are a wide variety of eco-friendly invitations to choose from. For example, there is recycled stock, handmade paper, tree free and chlorine free invitations. Some brides are even adding pressed flowers and leaves to the paper giving it a nice botanical touch.  Also, instead of using a card that requires an envelope use a reply postcard instead to eliminate extra paper use.

No more white wedding invitations!

The next trend in wedding invitations involves bold colors. We are so used to seeing white invitations printed on beautiful paper but in 2012 white is no longer the norm and less formal invitations are making a huge statement. Rich and bold colors are very popular this year. If you’re having a winter wedding use onyx black with touches of white and silver. If you want more color use forest green and plum which are beautiful winter color schemes.

For spring weddings use colors like magnolia pink, daisy yellow and leaf green to give a blooming garden feel. My favorite season for weddings is summer where you will see electric colors such as apple green, aqua blue, bright yellow and orange. Last but not least are beautiful deep shades for spring weddings such as chocolate brown, rusty orange and scarlet.  Along with bold colors are invitations with photos, humor, and other personal touches.

Vintage wedding invitations are a hit in 2012

This year the biggest trend in weddings is vintage and this includes wedding invitations as well.  Vintage style weddings remain popular because it has a romantic feel to it. Also, vintage is timeless and will never go out of style. Brides are stealing ideas from their grandmothers and great grandmothers to get the perfect vintage look for their wedding. These vintage invitations include, lace, “kraft” paper, cardstocks, and twine instead of ribbon.

The best part about these vintage inspired invitations is definitely the fun font combinations. They actually remind me of old-fashioned advertisements from way back in the day.  The wedding color trends for vintage invitations feature softer colors such as rose, peach and champagne. Your invitations should reflect the style and theme of your wedding whether that be formal, retro, vintage, beachy, or whatever you choose.  Make them personal and unique and even frame one as a keepsake.