The wedding veil – the new statement in bridal fashion


If you were to close your eyes and picture a bride you would see a beautiful gown, bouquet, and of course, a wedding veil.  Though everyone pictures a different dress no one imagines a bride without her veil. The veil is the ultimate bridal accessory and it makes you feel like a real bride. We all have nightmares about the huge, puffy veils from the 80’s but veils can be minimal and elegant and provide a magical and soft look. Veils are not all alike and definitely reflect your personal style.  Historically, the purpose of a wedding veil was meant to conceal the bride from the groom on her wedding day using a blusher that went over the face. However, nowadays veils have transitioned into more of a fashion statement and not just an afterthought.  Not only do brides want the latest trends in wedding dresses, but veils too! Today we will talk about the different trends in veils for 2012.

Wedding veil trends for 2012

Once the gown is chosen most brides search for the perfect veil to go with it. So, what veils are in this year? The prominent trend in veils for 2012 is actually dimension and fuller veils.  Veils with dimension feature 3D treatments added to the edge of the veil or scattered all over. Sheer organza flowers and satin bows are just the few of the beautiful accents added to these veils.  Previously, brides would look for simple veils with little or no gatherings; however, in 2012 brides are looking for extra fullness and extra pouf!
A fuller wedding veil is especially beneficial to a shorter bride because it adds height. One example of this trend is the Bouffant Classic style veil which has a “lift” of bridal illusion tulle stitched under the veil to help maintain the extra height and fullness. The Fountain Veil is another example of a fuller veil. They call it a fountain veil because the tulle spills out of the comb just like the water from a fountain. This veil also contains a “lift” under the veil and you can add a variety of embellishments and edgings as well.

The alternative to the traditional wedding veil!

Many brides have opted out of the traditional veil and are going for something new and different.  Many styles from the Elizabethan period are coming back like headbands and flower crowns.  Headbands are the latest rave and are an absolutely charming alternative to the veil.  They can be as elaborate or simple as you like and easily worn all night.  Online marketplaces like Etsy are full of vendors that sell handmade headbands in every style imaginable.  Flower crowns are truly whimsical and feminine and perfect for an outdoor wedding.  Choose fresh or dried flowers depending on the season and create something totally unique.
Another more formal option is the tiara for those brides that want to look like a princess on their big day.  The options here are limitless from the types of stones to metal color and of course size.  Silk or real flowers, feathers, or jeweled hair pins are all fabulous alternatives to the veil as well.  No matter what you decide just remember that what you wear on your head can make just a big a statement as your wedding gown.  So put some thought into it and get creative!





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