Wedding centerpiece trends

Your wedding centerpiece is one of the many decisions you have to make when planning your wedding. It’s basically like the icing on the cake and will set the atmosphere at the reception. Your guests will be facing the centerpiece for most of the reception so it is important to have something that is eye catching and will start up conversations within the table instead of inhibiting by blocking them from seeing each other. 


Today, brides are moving away from the traditional floral arrangements. They want to be different, stand out and create something memorable for their guests.  Of course, one can never go wrong with fragrant floral arrangements but nowadays the bride shouldn’t limit herself to bouquets and topiaries made of flowers. To create a stunning centerpiece you don’t have to spend a lot of money and it can still be memorable.

Use balloons for a wedding centerpiece


The first non-traditional wedding centerpiece trend we will see is balloons! I know your probably thinking balloons are meant for birthday parties but the lovely helium balloons can actually look rather whimsical and romantic.  Balloons can be anything but tacky. In fact, many balloon companies are able to make dazzling balloon sculptures and backdrops. Also, these glowing balloons can add depth and dimension to your wedding décor. They are less expensive than flowers and definitely more unique.

Use a tall wedding centerpiece

The second non-traditional wedding centerpiece trend is tall towering centerpieces. These centerpieces are especially best for venues with high ceilings as they fill in some of the vertical space so the room will feel less sparse.  Using tall flowering branches with strings of crystal, votive lights, or anything else is unique and eye catching.  If you’re worried that these high centerpieces may obstruct your guests view just make sure the vase is slender and translucent. This will add a dramatic elegance that a lower centerpiece could not.


Use lamps for your wedding centerpiece

The next wedding centerpiece trend we will see involves lamps! These decretive lamps not only function as a beautiful centerpiece but also table lighting. They are a great way to add height and the design possibilities are endless. There are so many different lamp designs, shapes, and styles to choose from, not to mention they seem to help set a romantic atmosphere for the wedding. The nice thing about lamp centerpiece is that you don’t have to spend a ton of money to get the look you want. Even a simple IKEA lamp can be jazzed up with some ribbon or some kind of floral base.


And your guests can even take them home!  It is also popular to use candle holders of varying heights as a centerpiece and again the options are endless.  There are so many stores that carry all kinds of candle holders at great prices so you can get enough of the same kind for much less than a flower arrangement would cost.  Whatever you decide to do, incorporating something that has meaning to you will make it even  more memorable to your guests.