Color combination trends this summer for online brides

Summer is about to start, and for those of you online brides who plan on getting married next summer the web has thousands of ideas for color trends and combinations.  Planning a wedding is without a doubt a long, hard process, but one of the easier and fun things to do when planning your wedding is choosing your wedding theme colors! Now that you are engaged one of the first questions your girlfriends will ask you is “What are your colors?”  Today we will talk about the different shades you will see this summer and the unique colors that are making their way into the wedding scene.

 Pinks and Greens Continue To Be Hot Colors For Online Brides

For all you online brides who spend hours and days researching different theme colors and combinations you know it can get difficult because of the variety of choices.  Your colors are one of the more important aspects of how you plan your whole wedding day because they will be used in your invitations, linens, flowers, bridesmaid dresses, etc. The colors you choose will set the tone for your entire wedding.  This may seem like a lot of pressure in choosing the perfect color but luckily summer is an easy season for colors. The reason for this is because almost any color you choose will look fantastic for a summer wedding and it is easier to get flowers in any color. The first color combination that will hit the wedding aisle this summer is pink and green.  

Your fiancé might think pink is too girly but paired with green you can get a fun and flirty look or an elegantly rich look.  Online brides can choose from different shades of pink and green. For example, if you were to have an outdoor summer wedding in the afternoon choose a bright pink and lime green combination. If your wedding is indoors such as a banquet hall that is heavier on darker colors, a pale pink and forest green combination would go perfectly!

 Active Brides Online Are Also Choosing Gray

Next we have light gray and pink. Today, gray is actually considered the new black! Wedding designers love this color scheme because they are very elegant colors and give a more modern feel on the classic wedding. The best thing about gray is that it is so versatile and goes well with almost every color.  Designers are even using grey sashes and bows on many gowns like this Monique Lhuillier gown. Online brides can cool down a hot day by using pink and gray for their summer wedding.

The next color combination which is one of my favorites, features coral and gray. The reason I love these color combinations is because it goes well with a beach wedding and is both feminine and masculine. With coral and gray you can bring the beauty of a tropical coral reef to your wedding while not having too much color. As I mentioned earlier, gray is a very popular color and goes great with any bright colors such as coral. If online brides don’t like coral, choose another bright color that will brighten up your wedding and combine it with gray so you don’t go overboard with bright colors.

Definitely take time when choosing your colors b/c you don’t want them to overpower your wedding but enhance it.  If you are having 6 or more bridesmaids a more subtle color may be better b/c that many girls wearing a really bright color will be distracting.  Have fun with it and make sure it fits your personality!

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