Summer weddings for the couture bride 

Summer is the most popular season to get married for many reasons.  If you’re a couture bride and want to know the summer wedding trends then keep reading.   The most obvious reason summer weddings are so popular is b/c of the weather.  Although it can be very hot in certain places it is generally better than rain and snow in other months.  Not only that, but summer time is vacation time so couples can expect greater availability for their friends and family to participate on their big day. Summer weddings allow you to have a wider range of options in choosing your wedding venue, flowers and wedding dress options.


Summer wedding venues for the couture bride

With great weather the couture bride will have more options as to where she wants her wedding venue.  A very popular place to have your wedding on a bright summer day would obviously be the beach.  Also, beach weddings are much easier to plan, cheaper to pay for since you don’t need to decorate the beach, and much more exciting for your guests.

Garden weddings are another option for an outdoor wedding. Whether you’re going for romantic, casual, classic or formal look, a garden wedding theme works beautifully with a variety of flowers and colors.  In general, people prefer outdoor weddings because they want to enjoy the sights and sounds of a natural environment.

Also, the abundance of flowers during summer time brings lots of colors and beauty to the scene and can save you having to buy flowers to decorate for the ceremony. The couture bride can choose any type of outdoor wedding venue such as vineyards, farms, beaches, gardens and even a backyard! An outdoor setting makes for a fun, laid-back vibe and the décor options are limitless. 

                     Summer Wedding  Flowers And Dress Options for the Couture Bride

What kind of flowers do you want at your wedding? Summer weddings allow brides to have more variety for their flower choices.  The choices can range from roses, lilies, carnations, daisies and much more. The bride will have a much wider selection to choose from since most flowers are in season in the spring and summer.  This will also make is much cheaper as opposed to trying to get flowers in the off season.  Also, think of all the choices you have for your bouquet! Even better, you can accessorize your bridesmaids with the bright vibrant colors you have chosen for your wedding. If you’re not into the whole flowers and bouquet idea then break tradition by simply holding a single large flower like a sunflower or daisy which goes perfect with a summer wedding.

Not only does the couture bride have more options for her venue and flowers but she also has more wedding dresses to choose from.  Brides don’t have to go the traditional route and can avoid wearing the heavy layered skirts and those large trains that constantly need assistance.  Of course if you still want to wear a silk satin ball gown for your summer wedding you can.  But you do have more options in the summer especially if you want to get married outside.  Gowns made of lace, organza, and chiffon are great summer fabrics.  Summer is a time for love and growth so it is an ideal time to get married and the couture bride will have limitless choices on how they want their big day to look.