Wedding Cake Trends For The Bride-To-Be


If you are a bride to be or soon to be married there are some amazing new wedding cake trends for 2012. The wedding cake is a very traditional part of the wedding as well as a way to express your personality.  It can be a center piece in the overall theme or design of your wedding and is the part of the wedding that many people look forward to.  With so many flavors and designs to choose from the cake is probably the most customizable item you choose.  People attending your wedding expect the cake to be interesting, beautiful and delicious!


What are the different wedding cake trends for 2012 for the bride to be?

The bride to be must be aware that the wedding cake is not just a yummy dessert but a decoration that everyone looks forward to seeing.  There are so many styles to choose from but here are some of the trends for 2012.  First, taller cakes seem to be making a big come-back. It’s now more common to see taller cakes that average up to 8 feet which was something of the past but is now coming back.

Next on the list are painted cakes.  You can paint anything you want on your cake whether it is lovely tropical flowers, photos of the bride and groom, and even an image of your tattoos!  Although the bride’s cake tends to be a little more traditional the groom’s cake is usually more of a theme cake ranging from sports teams to hobbies.

Then we have cakes with ruffles.  Designer Maggie Austin is known for her expertise in ruffles and many of her cakes are inspired by her life as a ballerina. So if the bride to be loves the dainty, girly look then definitely look her up.


The next trends we will see in lieu of the traditional wedding cakes are cake balls and other desserts. You do not necessarily have to have a large, tall standing cake to amaze and please your guests. Instead, cake balls, cupcakes, pies and miniature pastries can be your cake! Even better, these desserts can be placed in a decorated box for your guests to take home after the after party as souvenirs.

                                                                The Do's & Dont's For The Bride-To-Be

In order for your cake to look and taste great at your wedding there are some “do’s and don’ts” you should take note of.  First, make sure to do your research on what type of cake you want so you can get a good visual on how you expect your cake to look like.  Take the bakery/cake designer a picture of what you want so there are no miscommunications. And make sure you do a tasting so you know exactly what it will taste like.  Second, be creative and make your wedding cake your own by adding personality to it.  Choosing a unique cake topper is a great way to personalize your cake.  You are the artist and the cake is your masterpiece.

Third, make sure you know how your cake will be displayed at the reception and where.  Many brides like to get a cake stand or decorate the cake table so make sure that is communicated to both the baker and the reception hall.  And most importantly, figure out how your cake will be arriving. The transportation of the cake from the baker to the reception can make a big difference. Leave this up to the bakers because they know how to transport a cake without ruining it and can handle any last minute repairs. At first the cake may seem like an afterthought since it is just going to get eaten but trust me, it is something everyone will take notice of both on looks and taste.  There is nothing like a stunning wedding cake that tastes divine!