Amsale Bridal Wedding Trends For 2012

Amsale bridal wedding trends for 2012 will have a much different style than what we are used to seeing.  Amsale Aberra, bridal couture designer, has come up with some unique and fun styles for the soon to be brides out there. We were used to seeing ball gowns, black sashes, belts and jeweled toned dresses, but now we will see more Chantilly lace, color, tulle and shorter length dresses.  2012 has a lot to offer us this year.  So, get excited because Amsale has created gowns that will blow your mind away.

Amsale Bridal Trend: Chantilly Lace and More Color!

The first trend we will see this year in Amsale bridal wear is the use of Chantilly lace in many of their dresses.  For those of you who do not know what Chantilly lace is let me briefly explain. Chantilly lace is a bobbin lace which has a net background featuring patterns of floral, vines and branches.  Embroidering thread with ribbon to create these different floral designs creates these patterns. It’s arguably one of the most romantic fabrics and designers such as Amsale could not get enough of it. Amsale was inspired to make more wedding gowns of Chantilly lace because of how beautiful the royal bride Kate Middleton looked on her wedding day.  Amsale’s Chantilly lace wedding dresses come in all different silhouettes and necklines so we have a lot to choose from.

The next trend we will see this year in Amsale bridal wear is different colors!  Amsale gives brides the option to wear something other than the traditional white this year.  Instead, brides can wear colors such as gold’s, silvers, pinks and blues.  More and more brides are opting to wear other colors besides white on their wedding day.  Surprisingly, not everyone looks great in white so this will give the bride a chance to express her personality in a fun and fashionable way while still looking like a bride.


  Amsale Bridal Trend: Tulle and Shorter Dresses

Another trend we will see this year from Amsale is the use of tulle to make dresses. What is tulle exactly? Tulle is lightweight woven netting that is often starched to give it more body.  This trend from Amsale bridal is considered the “fairy tale fabric” because it brings a fairy tale quality to the dress like many of the princesses we grew up worshiping in the movies.  If you want to feel like a princess on your big day then a gown made of tulle is the perfect way to go.  It is a wonderful way to wear a big skirt without wearing something too heavy.  There are also very couture styles for the tulle skirt these days with layers and draping instead of the classic ball gown skirt.

The last trend you will see this year are brides choosing shorter dresses over the classic long wedding dress.   This style was made popular in the 1950’s and is coming back in a big way.  Designers such as Amsale have created super-short wedding dresses to satisfy the needs of the most modern and young brides.  Many would think this look was inappropriate because of how much leg would be showing but surprisingly it looks elegantly tasteful on the right body and is perfect for less formal venues.  Many girls are even choosing to wear two gowns on their big day and done a long classic gown for the ceremony and change into a shorter gown for the reception.  Simply add the perfect pair of ankle-tied sandals or heels to create a chic, dramatic look this wedding season.  If you want to show some leg and have a sexier look then shorter dresses are for you.  Amsale has always brought us classic and elegant gowns that flatter all figures and this year will be no different.