Pre-owned wedding dresses

Once upon a time many brides purchased their wedding dresses secondhand to save some money but they kept it a secret.  Or they actually wore their mother's or another relatives gown. Today, brides have bragging rights because frugality is in! Pre-owned wedding dresses can be purchased directly through sites like which is an online store that allows the modern bride to sell her gown after her big day to another lucky bride at a fraction of the price.  

 You can choose from more than 10,000 new sample gowns or used wedding gowns that are marked up to 80 % off! Most of the gowns listed on pre-owned are higher end designer gowns such as Vera Wang, Kenneth Pool and Christos.  So, if you want to save money without sacrificing fashion definitely choose pre-owned. 


What are the benefits to buying a pre-owned wedding dress?

Wedding items are far too expensive nowadays and are only used for a couple of hours. Would you buy a car and drive it once? No! So, why do we do this with our wedding dresses? Pre-owned wedding dresses are for those who are looking for a designer dress without breaking the bank. Individual former brides who are sick of seeing their beautiful wedding gowns sit in their closets want to find another home for their gowns.   

We all know the likelihood of our daughter wanting to wear our wedding gown one day is slim to none so there is no reason to let it sit in a box for the next 50 years.  Brides want to share their happiness with other happy brides who are on a mission to find that perfect dress and recoup some of the expense of their gown in the process. 

There are also many professional wedding vendors such as Bride Couture that sell sample wedding gowns which, although being tried on in the store, were not worn for a wedding.  According to an American wedding study a designer dress sells for as much as $10,000 dollars or more. Let’s be realistic here, no one wants to spend more on their dress than their entire wedding! 

A growing number of brides are turning to pre-owned wedding dresses because they are looking to save money and be eco-friendly by purchasing a used gown. For some, the thought of wearing someone else’s wedding dress may freak them out but it is not like buying a used pair of jeans that have been worn for years. Instead, these used wedding dresses have only been worn for a couple of hours and most of them have been cleaned and are in perfect condition. 


It is safe and easy to sell your pre-owned wedding dresses

There are many sites out there that allow girls to sell their wedding gowns but is the best.   Some may be skeptical of selling or buying anything online because of the many imitators and fake websites. However pre-owned has one of the highest selling rates, more buyers and not to mention, they have one of the highest Google rankings which means your gown will be seen by more brides than any other site. 

Also, paying via PayPal will protect the buyer against most scams.  Make sure you are clear with the bride on the terms of the sale since many sales are final.  Gowns sold through a company like Bride Couture have an amazing no risk return policy so you can try before you buy.   

 If you are looking to sell your pre-owned wedding dress simply go to their website at and create an account. It only costs $25 to list your dress online until it sells! Most websites or consignment shops that allow you to sell your items usually want some sort of commission or percentage, but not at pre-owned. 

All the money you make off your wedding items is yours to keep. Even better, there are no subscriptions or renewals and the average sale time is 70 days! So, reduce your wedding waste and maximize your budget by choosing a pre-owned wedding dress.   You can even resell your pre-owned wedding dress again after your big day!