Popular wedding dresses

There are thousands of dresses out there to choose from these days. However, what are the most popular wedding dresses brides choose? Because there are so many wedding dresses in the market it makes it a lot more difficult to choose the perfect gown.  You will think you found the dress and then later change your mind because you find another beautiful gown. In your struggle for finding the most popular dress there are hundreds of designs in all colors and fabrics that are available in the market so don’t get frustrated, because you will have a lot of options and it really is hard to go wrong.

What are today's popular wedding dresses?

So, what does a popular wedding dress look like nowadays? Previously, brides would choose the traditional princess gown which consists of a fitted bodice with a waistline that leads to a full skirt.  Surprisingly many soon to be brides do not go for these silhouettes anymore as they prefer a more fitted silhouette instead.  Ball gowns are still very popular but there are many other options available for a less formal gown.  The different silhouettes that are more fitted to the body consist of mermaid trumpet and sheath styles. Mermaid gowns seem to be the most popular of them all as we see many brides show off their curves in this style. You all remember Kim Kardashian’s wedding where she actually wore two mermaid style gowns!  I feel like whenever a celebrity wears a certain trend we all are quick to follow their fashion sense because they usually look stunning in whatever it is they are wearing. So, when searching for popular wedding dresses I suggest you look at what the celebrities are wearing. 


As I mentioned earlier Kim Kardashian rocked two Vera Wang mermaid gowns that resembled that sort of 50’s voluptuous elegant Hollywood style. Kim’s main gown featured a strapless ivory dress with a voluminous tulle skirt and basque waist so she still opted for something a little more traditional.  If you think you like the sheath style more than copy celebrity Molly Sims’ wedding dress instead.  Her beautiful Marchesa’s drop-waist lace sheath gown from the Spring 2012 collection featured a flare lace skirt and appliqued cascade sleeves.  The latest and greatest fashion however is the unique skirts with layers resembling petals, draping, or covered in appliques. There are so many styles to choose from so just start browsing the web!

Where can I buy popular wedding dresses at affordable prices?

You’re probably thinking popular wedding dresses are most likely very expensive which can be the case for many wedding gowns.  Since the newest trends come from some of the top designers runway collections they can be pretty pricy. Because there are so many dresses in the bridal market you can find a popular dress without going way over your budget.  Designer bridal shops carry many popular dresses however they will cost a lot more because they are made to perfection. Luckily you can purchase these higher end styles online by brides who want to sell their designer gowns for half the price. If you don’t feel comfortable buying your wedding dress online from some random person then purchase your trendy designer gown at a sample store such as Bride Couture. Sample stores sell designer gowns for up to 80% off! They usually only carry one of each style so you better hurry and get your popular wedding dress before another soon to be bride snatches it up.