Backless Wedding Dress


Your big day is coming up and we all know how hard it is to find that perfect wedding dress. Every bride wants to look spectacular on her big day and what better way to do that by wearing a backless wedding dress. Backless gowns are dramatic, sexy, and romantic and really appropriate for any season. If you want to appear glamorous, attractive and elegant on your big day then backless is the way to go.  There are so many different types of backless designs to choose from depending on how much skin you want to show and how dramatic you want it to be.  Having gowns with a higher neckline and plunging back are still somewhat conservative but very sexy.


Bras to Wear for a Backless Wedding Dress

Most backless wedding dresses have sleeves or a halter and then a plunging back or keyhole back.  This can make it difficult when looking for the perfect under garments. There are many bras, slips and hosiery you can buy that are not only comfortable to wear, but are easily concealable in order to hide any straps against your bare back. Your best bet is to buy either a strapless bra or backless bra which comes with transparent straps. For those of you who have a smaller chest, adhesive silicone backless bras or individual stick-on cups will suit you best. If you want to make sure your tummy stays tucked in while your breasts stay supported in your backless wedding dress go for a backless long line bra that fastens near your lower back. Another thing you can do is purchase a strapless body shaper that will really suck you in so you don’t have to worry about your lunch showing. Body shapers either come in thong shapers or full bottom coverage so figure out which one you like best

What Kind of Jewelry Goes Best with a Backless Wedding Dress?

The bridal jewelry you decide to wear should definitely coordinate with the wedding gown you have selected.  The process of choosing bridal jewelry should be carefully thought out and must be made with as much attention as your wedding dress. The jewelry is what will finish off your look and bring the entire ensemble of your backless wedding dress together. Adding a bridal lariat is the perfect piece of jewelry to add to show off your beautiful open back.  A bridal lariat is simply a necklace that is worn around the neck.  However, the back of the neck will have a long dangling piece of jewelry that hangs down the back. Many lariats can actually be adjusted which will be a better fit for any bride wearing a backless dress. Another great way to show off your back with jewelry is by wearing a choker or a collar with a hanging jewel embellishment on the back. If you’re going to wear a strapless backless wedding dress, chokers go perfect with this style because they bring a symmetrical and parallel line which goes perfectly with a dress that draws much attention to the neck and shoulder region.   Chokers have become very popular for brides who want more of an edgier look and still have that elegant, classical look.