Why we love unique wedding dresses

We all know how much women love shopping and the wedding dress is no exception.  It is probably the biggest shopping event most girls will ever have. That is one reason so many of us love watching and attending weddings simply because we get to see all the beautiful dresses these beautiful brides walk down the aisle in! Some may be unique wedding dresses and others the traditional look: standard, white, romantic and long. You never really know what a bride will pick so it is always a surprise! Today we will talk more about the unique, untraditional wedding gowns. You will be surprised at the very many unique styles of wedding dresses that are made available for brides.  You no longer have to get a custom made couture gown to be unique. 

What are unique wedding dresses and where can we find them?

Unique wedding dresses are those that are out of the ordinary and different. Now, don’t get different confused with ugly or weird because sometimes things that are out of the ordinary are extraordinary.  So, what makes a wedding dress unique? There are many ways a wedding dress can be unique whether it be super high fashion or some small detail you haven’t seen before.  For instance, you can wear a gown that is short in the front and long in the back or even has a detachable skirt.  You can also get a gown made out of unusual material with a pin stripe or other design, and they can be all different colors such as black, pink, blue etc.  Sashes are still an easy way to make your gown unique and you can pick any color you want.  Basically, anything that does not look like the norm is considered unique which seems to be the route most people are taking nowadays. Where can you find unique wedding dresses? It may be difficult to find a unique dress at a popular retail store because most likely someone else has that dress.  You can however add your own personal touch to a mass produced gown and still make it unique. Your best bet is to search online for sample wedding gowns that are discontinued or even second hand gowns that were custom made that you can make additional alterations on.  Even better, create your own unique dress by hiring a seamstress and tell them exactly what you want. This way your wedding dress is made entirely to suit your taste and style.

Unique wedding dresses are for everyone

Thinking outside the box is the new trend and everyone wants to be different.  Wedding gowns have come a long way and are no longer just a simple white gown but a true fashion statement. Brides want to leave a lasting impression on their guests having not only unique wedding dresses but adding unique themes and ideas for the actual ceremony. It’s better to bring in a more fun atmosphere to a wedding and I think it starts with the dress! What about those brides who want to look unique at their wedding but they also don’t want to break tradition or offend anyone? Many brides want to remain true to their cultures and their families and that can still be accomplished! Instead of changing your dress completely you can add and combine traditions to come up with something completely unusual. You can also mix-and- match your bridesmaid dresses or add color to your gown with a sash or a brooch. The first thing you have to do is form an idea of what you want in your wedding dress and bridal party then start your research from there. Just remember, this is your special day so have fun with it and choose something that will make YOU happy. Many people will share their ideas and opinions but if you don’t like them simply ignore them! If you love unique wedding dresses then go for it even if you’re breaking tradition!