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A little motivation for the off-beat bride

Are you unenthused by a white wedding gown or an extravagant wedding reception? Could you care less if you had bridesmaids or not? If that sounds like you then we are here to help. The off-beat bride shouldn’t feel ashamed for not wanting to do things traditionally however, the last thing a bride and groom want is a wedding with guests snoozing from sheer boredom.  You don’t have to be a trendsetter and search for all the latest trends when it comes to the dress you pick out for yourself and your bridesmaids.  Many brides who do decide to go with the flow or fashion that was instructed by the magazines during that period end up regretting it years later anyways. So, for all you future brides out there we know planning a wedding can be stressful but all you need is a little help and motivation for your big day.


The off- beat bride may not want a big traditional wedding


If you’re an off-beat bride who has no motivation or care in the world in planning your wedding pay attention because we have the solution for you. First off, brainstorm what you really want and think is necessary to have for your wedding.  Think of it like Halloween and all the candy you get. When you come home after trick-or-treating you lay everything out and separate it between the good stuff and the just ok stuff.  All candy is good and it would be great if you could eat it all but you don’t want to get sick.  So, we only eat the best stuff.  Whether that is a variety of items or only 5 pieces of candy narrow down the things that are really important and don’t waste time on the stuff you can do without.


Creative Alternatives for the off-beat bride


We will give you a few simple tips for planning a simple, fun and easy wedding. #1: The dress: You don’t have to go to tons of bridal stores to figure out what kind of dress you want. Instead, go online, browse thousands of gowns and order your gown right off the Internet. Many online stores will send you multiple dresses and allow you to return them if you don’t like them such as Bride Couture's Try Up To 4 Gowns policy. #2: Bridesmaid dresses: If the off-beat bride is not obsessed about finding her own dress, bridesmaids dresses may be even more dreadful. Therefore, have your bridesmaids choose their own dress and simply just pick the color out for them. Just make sure the colors coordinate well with each other and then they can pick a style that looks good on them. # 3: The venue: Choose a venue that comes with all the décor, centerpieces, DJ, catering, and drinks to make your life much easier. This way you can have both your wedding ceremony and reception in the same building because everything you need is provided for you and you don’t have to deal with finding multiple vendors. Last but not least, enjoy yourself! This should be the best day of your life not the most stressful day!




Image taken from strictly weddings.com