Custom wedding gowns

 Today we tend to think anything that is custom made is a luxury and probably very expensive.  However, in the past custom wedding gowns was more of a necessity than a luxury.  During the 1940’s nothing was really available to women when it came to clothing. It was very hard to come across fabrics and accessories during this time so women did not have an option of purchasing their wedding dress off the rack. They simply had to become very creative and imaginative to create what was essentially their own custom made gown.  When you have the option of making your own dress it gives you a chance to be different, unique and express your personal style.


Who makes custom wedding gowns?

Custom made wedding gowns can be made to your exact measurements and any style you choose.  When designing your own dress you have the option of choosing whatever you would like. Whether it is long, short, traditional or modern designs you can choose anything! As I mentioned earlier, when something is custom made it can get pretty expensive but it may not be any more expensive than buying a new designer wedding dress.  The first thing you want to do is find a seamstress or a designer who specializes in custom made wedding gowns.  This is not an easy task and the local tailor will probably not be qualified.  Next you need to be able to explain your idea to the seamstress when can be very difficult if you are not a good artist.  Many women end up liking bits and pieces of various gowns so go through the magazines and cut out the bust, skirt, etc. that you like and piece it together.  You have to give the seamstress a visual if you want it to be right.  Actually designers should be able to draw you a picture of their concept for you to approve.  Obviously the big names like Vera Wang and Monique Lhuillier do custom wedding gowns but it can get VERY expensive.  So, if you can find a local designer or seamstress with access to beautiful fabrics that is a much more cost effective way.  Another option to have a custom gown is to buy a sample wedding dress and then customize it.  You can find incredible deals on designer sample gowns and then just add your personal touches like cap sleeves, sweetheart neck, additional beading, a lace up back, etc.  Since the dress is essentially made it is much cheaper than starting from scratch and you can still customize it for much more reasonable than creating an entire gown.


Custom made wedding gown tips


If you choose to have you dress custom made always be sure to be as detailed as possible. A bridal gown is all about details, so know what you want and search for patterns and designs in more than just one place. Next, be realistic! Custom made wedding gowns take much longer to make than just picking a gown off the rack. Be prepared to spend a little longer as it could take up to 6 months to make your dress depending on the details and seamstress’s workload. Another important factor with having a custom made dress is your budget! To prevent from spending thousands on your wedding dress let your seamstress or designer know exactly how much you want to spend and can afford and they will help you choose designs within your budget. There are many different types of inexpensive fabrics and beading that look like the real thing!  Another important thing to consider when going for a custom made dress is to be consistent with your weight. Drastic weight changes will alter the shape and proportion of your body ruining the fit of your dress. Lastly, enjoy yourself! Choosing custom made wedding gowns is a once in a lifetime experience so make it worth it!  Wouldn’t it be great to tell everyone you designed it yourself!