How to find the best bridal prices

 When you think of your big wedding day one inevitable word comes to mind…………. EXPENSIVE!!!! The list of essentials can go on and on such as extravagant bouquets, centerpieces, Chiavari chairs, cake, the dress, etc.! How can we get the best bridal prices without excluding anything on our list? It’s a fact that weddings are expensive not matter how big of a bargain hunter you are but they don’t have to be TOO expensive. According to a recent survey the average cost of an American wedding is over $27,000 which is a little mind blowing. Although spending even $10,000 on one day’s festivities still seems excessive for many!

What are some ways to find the best bridal prices?

Everyone has a different idea of the perfect wedding so before you start planning it all you should sit down with your partner and determine what is most important to you. You don’t necessarily have to cut anything out of your list to get the best bridal prices but focus on the priorities.  That way you can allocate your money according to the importance of each item.  If venue is the most important thing on your list considering booking it on a Friday or Sunday instead of a Saturday.  You will be amazed how less expensive this can be, up to 50% in some cases.  And remember, everything is negotiable so don’t be afraid to ask for what you want at the price you want. If you don’t want to spend a lot on invitations make them yourself.  Thanks to technology there are so many options for creating your invitations online or you can really personalize them and get what you need at any craft store.  If you want to get the best bridal prices and don’t want to spend a lot on a designer dress make your own. Just kidding!  If you are talented enough to do this more power to you but most of us want to leave this part up to the professionals.

How to get the best bridal prices on your wedding dress without compromising style

For many brides the most important aspect of your wedding is probably going to be your wedding dress, but how can you get the best bridal prices on a designer dress! Surely you cannot compromise in such a situation as the dress will be the most memorable aspect of your wedding.  Not only that your wedding photos stick with you forever so you want to make sure you chose the dress of your dreams. So, what do you do when you want a Vera Wang gown that costs $7,000 but cannot afford it? Nowadays there is no reason to spend that much money on your wedding dress because you have the option to purchase a sample gown or even pre-owned wedding gown.  With sample gowns you can purchase a high-end designer gown that has only been tried on by prospective brides in a bridal salon! This way you get the same dress you dreamed of having for up to 80% off!  Or you can purchase a pre-owned gown for a fraction of the price.  Many brides may cringe at the idea of a second hand dress but the reality of it is that these gowns were typically only worn for a few hours so are in excellent condition and have been cleaned.  Buying a sample or pre-owned gown makes good financial sense if you are looking for the best bridal prices. The Internet has revolutionized shopping and has opened up a world of choices for brides.  So, get online and shop around for the best prices on everything you need for your big day!