Vera Wang Brides New Fashion Trend: Black

For all you Vera Wang brides get ready because the queen bee of the bridal couture world has done it again! 2012 marks the beginning of even better and more unique wedding dresses! Vera Wang has torn up the rulebook for traditional bridal styles as her new collection features a variety of dramatic black fashion gowns!It is one thing for the mother of the groom to not wear black because it states her opposition toward the wedding, but what does it mean for the bride to wear black? Isn’t that kind of taboo? Many would say wearing black is perhaps more funeral than bridal but many are saying this new collection is probably one of the most stunning lines Vera has come up with. Vera Wang brides will now be able to choose from more designs and styles! This year her dresses are beautifully constructed, witchy-looking frocks, made from deconstructed chiffon, silk, tulle and organza in very non-traditional tones such as black and nude.

 Why Vera has stepped out-of-the-box for all you Vera Wang brides


After a season of high profile weddings such as Kate Middleton’s royal affair and Kim Kardashian’s blowout I think it is definitely time for designers such as Vera Wang to step out of the box. While we’ve seen new trends such as short dresses and even colorful dresses we were really surprised to see black dresses.   I am sure all you Vera Wang brides want to know the motive behind Vera’s black dresses as we are always used to seeing something way different from her but not in black.  In a phone interview Vera admits, “I wore white on my wedding day….I was very frustrated, it being so traditional at the time, but the bridal industry wasn’t so evolved back then.”  She was ready to step out of the box and give all you brides-to-be something more than just the traditional ivory dress that everyone is used to seeing when a bride walks down the aisle. 


All Vera Wang Brides can Choose Black!


Vera Wang brides now have an opportunity to be more unique and original on their big day. Wearing black on your wedding day is definitely making a bold statement and is also breaking all the traditional wedding rules. However, Jung Lee, founder of Fete makes a very good point and states, “The bride who chooses the black dress does not care about etiquette.” So, if you want to make a bold fashion statement and walk down that aisle in an artfully crafted black wedding dress, this is for you! The good thing about these gowns is that they still come in traditional styles just not a traditional color so you will still feel like a bride just making an even bolder fashion statement! These dresses have managed to break conventional wedding trends and Vera has designed these sensual, elegant gowns that are perfect for the modern bride. Vera has branched out and created an amazing out-of-the –box collection for you Vera Wang brides! So, if you feel like stepping out of the box then be one of the first to choose one of Vera’s new black wedding gowns!