The trumpet style wedding dress!


Fortunately there are more and more wedding dress styles coming to the market every year. This is great because as consumers we have even more styles and options to choose from. However, the downside to this Is that it confuses first-time brides who know nothing about wedding styles, especially the difference between a trumpet wedding dress and a mermaid style dress. These different styles and strange terminology used to describe dresses can get very complicated and make the task of choosing a wedding dress even harder.  It is hard to tell a bridal consultant what you want if you don’t know the lingo.  When we think mermaid style we automatically picture the little mermaid in our head and we get the idea that the dress is fitted almost like a mermaid’s tail.  In some ways this is correct as a true mermaid gown is going to fit all the way through the thighs to the back of your knees. How can we picture a trumpet style though?


What is a trumpet wedding dress? 


There are a few characteristics that can be used to differentiate between a trumpet and a mermaid dress. First, a trumpet wedding dress features a gradually flared skirt that has a close-fitting bodice that skims the line of the body through the hips. The majority of trumpet styles begin to flare out at about mid-thigh (close-fitted until thighs). It is called a “trumpet” because the gradual flare of the skirt resembles the shape of the musical instrument!   On the other hand a mermaid style dress is close-fitted until the knees where the skirt starts to flair out which creates that shape of a mermaid. The trumpet silhouette is very similar to mermaid silhouette however it is a more understated silhouette. The flare of a trumpet wedding dress is much more gradual than the flare of a mermaid wedding dress which is more dramatic.  A big thing to consider is comfort and since these two styles are so similar that may help you decide.  Trumpet gowns are going to be much easier to walk and sit down in then mermaid gowns


What type of figure looks good in a trumpet wedding dress?


Finding the right wedding dress can be the most crucial thing for any bride-to-be. To find a dress with the perfect fit it’s important to choose one that suits your body shape and flatters your figure. So the first thing you want to consider is your body shape. Do you have an hourglass, cone shape, pear shape, etc.? Both a trumpet and mermaid style dress show off your curves through the body so if you want to show off your body this is the dress for you! An hourglass figured women would look very nice in a trumpet style gown because the trumpet wedding dress draws attention to the waist. You must definitely give the trumpet style a chance regardless because you may find many fabulous styles among them. Because the trumpet style accents the waist very well there are many ways to accent it even more! With this type of silhouette adding a sash or a bridal belt around your waist can really help highlight your natural waist and make it look smaller.  If you don’t have an hourglass figure this will actually help you create one.  It is a common misconception that you have to be tall and thin to wear a trumpet gown but this is totally not the case.  Fuller shaped girls will sometimes tend towards a dress that doesn’t hug their curves which can sometimes make them look larger.  A trumpet gown can be very slimming and make you look taller!  A trumpet wedding dress is not for everyone however don’t limit yourself and give it a chance! You never know until you try!