2012 Spring Bridal Fashion Week 

Ok ladies……………..our favorite time of year is almost here. May 10th, 2012 marks the beginning of spring bridal fashion week and we are so excited to see what 2012 has in store for us. For those of you who have been dreaming about how their wedding dress will look like since they were five years old get ready because 2012 is going to bring you a lot of options!  Of course many designers stay true to their classic styles but there is always something truly new and couture.

  What to expect for Bridal Fashion Week 2012

“This season many runway looks easily translate to bridal fashion. White was especially popular and we expect there to be a lot of floral print bridesmaid dresses in the spring.” Many people are predicting what they may expect to see this season for bridal fashion week ranging from floral designs all the way to women's suits! Marc Jacobs and other designers are coming out with a sporty type look for 2012. A new fashionable trend we are starting to see is the “mullet dress.” This dress sounds exactly how it looks, where the front is shorter and the back of the dress is longer. You can see this style in almost every fashion magazine or department store and now they will be making mullet wedding dresses!

 More color options to choose from in Bridal Fashion Week

If you were thinking of not wearing white on your wedding day but too scared to break the mold,  think again because color is in! White and Ivory definitely made it on the list last year but this year you will see more than just white for bridal fashion week! Get ready to see more color than ever! Vera Wang is coming out with a line called “unveiled” where you will see more nude and black colors that look both elegant and sexy on anyone!  Other designers are using a more muted palette of pastels which is perfect for the spring and summer season.  Wedding dresses for the 2012 collection present colors from silver to platinum, antique pink to cream, and classical white.


Bridal Fashion Week is for everyone 

Bridal fashion week is for everyone, all shapes, sizes, and tastes. While not every bride can pull off a colored gown, a colorful accent is just as powerful and will make the bold fashion statement that you are looking for without going over the top.  Sashes in all colors and fabrics continue to be very popular and a perfect way to customize your gown.  Bridal Fashion Week is also a great place to get ideas on hair and make-up, accessories and veils.  For spring and fall 2012 get ready to spot a number of gorgeous wedding dresses and get ready to start picking your favorite style. You don’t have to bengaged either to appreciate the beautiful gowns seen at this season’s Bridal Fashion Week. Who ever said you have to have the man first anyways?