Choosing Bridesmaid Dresses for the Bride-to-be’s Wedding Party 

We know that finding the perfect wedding dress can be a challenge for the bride-to-be however there are so many dresses, styles and different trends to choose from which makes it a little easier.   But finding the perfect bridesmaid dress that will look great on everyone and not over power the bride can be tricky.  The problem that many brides face when choosing a bridesmaid dress is that they want to make everyone happy. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard bridesmaids complain about the dress they have to wear because they hate the color, length or shape on their individual bodies.  How does the bride-to-be make a fair decision so everyone is happy spending money on a dress they may never wear again? 

Bridesmaid Dress Trend for the Bride-to- be: Mismatching

Today brides are saying goodbye to traditional matching bridesmaid dresses by simply mixing up the color or style of the dress. Mismatching allows each bridesmaid to wear a dress that is flattering to their bodies and allows each bridesmaid to express their personality and individual style. Not only that, bridesmaids will most likely wear their dress again since the bride-to-be is giving them the option to choose a dress they personally like! This way you won’t have to hear your bridesmaids complain about how much they had to spend on a dress that makes them look fat or they just don’t like. Some may say this mismatch trend will make the bridal party look sloppy as a whole in photos but if done the right way, it will leave your bridal party looking stylish and unique!  Not only that, mismatching helps display the bride and her gown better by breaking up the monotony of all the dresses. 

Important Mismatching Tips for the  Bride-to-be

The bride-to-be must set specific guidelines for the colors she wants to use for her dresses. The most important guideline you must follow if you do decide to mismatch is to choose the color!  If the dresses are all the same color it won’t matter if the styles are different.  Next pick a theme or a concept you are trying to get across- i.e.. vintage, girly, retro, modern or simple.  This will have a lot to do with the style of your dress so it is always important to pick out your wedding dress before starting to look for bridesmaid dresses. Now comes the fun part where you let your girls pick out the dress they like the most based on your guidelines.  There are some great stores like JCrew that have numerous styles in the same color so you know the colors will match and they can just pick out the style they like.  It should also be pretty easy to find a JCrew store in any major city that carries bridesmaid gowns so that no matter where they live they can go try them on.  In the end, everyone is happy and the bridesmaids will probably wear their dress again.  Not to mention the fact that since they picked the best dress for their figure, everyone will look great.  For this reason mismatching is becoming more common and popular.  Even celebrities such as Molly Sims have recently been seen following this trend. She followed this trend simply because she did not want her bridesmaids to look like typical bridesmaids, so she had the fabulous Elizabeth Kennedy design a collection of cohesive yet mismatched gowns. The great thing about mismatching is that the possibilities are endless! You can choose anything- strapless, one shoulder, lace, chiffon, silk, short length or floor length! Mismatching bridesmaid dresses and styles will definitely be around for awhile and maybe even forever as it brings not only color to the ceremony but personality and style as well!