Why buy a sample designer wedding dresses?

With how the economy has been recently most of us are not as quick to spend our money like we used to.  Now brides are even more budget conscious when planning for their wedding and are looking for the best deals ever especially on their dress. Sample designer wedding dresses allow brides on a budget to purchase a designer gown at a much lower cost. When I say “much lower” I mean MUCH LOWER!!!! Big designer names like Vera Wang, Amsale, and Christos gowns can be purchased up to 80% off retail value! There is no need to spend thousands of dollars on designer dresses anymore because you can easily purchase an authentic designer gown with money left over!

What exactly are sample designer wedding dresses and where do I find one?

Every year bridal salons purchase wedding dresses from sizes 8-12 that show that designer's latest collection.  These gowns are used as “samples” to show the bride- to -be the different kinds of dresses they can purhcase.  If they like the dress they will then order it in the size closet to their measurements. When these  bridal salons are ready to give up these sample designer wedding dresses Bride Couture is there to take them off their hands.  Bridal salons sell these samples for many reasons like the gown may be discontinued by the designer, they need to make more room for new inventory, or the salon has stopped carrying a specific designer all together.  And who benefits from this?  THE BRIDE!  There are bridal salons that only carry designer sample gowns such as Bride Couture in San Diego, CA where you can come in for a private appointment or shop online.  You can even order up to 4 gowns to try at once!  Just make sure that whoever you buy a sample gown from online has a return policy if the gown does not work out.

Is it hard to find sample designer wedding dresses that are in great condition and in my size?

There are many great reasons why sample designer wedding dresses are perfect.  They have not been worn by a bride at her wedding so no alterations have been made and they are not second hand! These dresses have only been tried on in the store so you will still be the only bride to wear this gown on her wedding day. For those of you who may be skeptical with purchasing a sample gown online we would advise you make sure you ask the seller of the condition of the gown. For example, are there missing beads, straps, fabric tears, stains, does the zipper work, etc.  And as I mentioned before, all the reputable online salons that sell sample gowns should have a return policy and typically have minor repairs like borken zippers and missing beads fixed before selling the gown.  As far as size goes, typically sample gowns are a label size  8 to 12 which in “wedding world” means it is a street size 6 to 10 since they run 1 to 2 sizes small. So if these sizes are too big for you they can be sized down a few sizes and if they are too small they can be sized up one or two sizes by a professional wedding gown seamstress. Overall, if you a bride with exquisite taste and a smart head on her shoulders who wants to wear a desginer wedding dress on her big day without breaking the bank, then sample designer wedding dresses are meant for you!