Mermaid style wedding dresses are for everyone!

A traditional wedding dress consists of a full-skirted white satin gown, having both a high neck and sleeves. Over time, wedding fashions have evolved tremendously and now we see a variety of styles of dresses such as ball gowns, lace, A-lines, trumpets, and mermaid style wedding dresses.  A mermaid style gown looks exactly how it sounds, like a mermaid! This dress fits closely to the body from the chest to the knee then flares out to the hem just as a “mermaid” tail would look. More and more brides are choosing this look because it emphasizes their best assets perfectly unlike the traditional ball gown or A-line style. Many celebrities have chosen this trend such as Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, Fergie and Christina Aguilera. However, because of how extremely tight fitting mermaid style wedding dresses appear brides would rather say no thanks!

You don’t have to be super thin and tall to pull off mermaid style wedding dresses

Despite what many brides believe you don’t need to be super thin and statuesque to rock a mermaid style gown.  However, you must certainly  be comfortable flaunting your assets in order to pull off this dramatic look as it will accentuate all those gorgeous curves.  Although mermaid style wedding dresses are not for everyone you will never know until you try one on!  These gowns definitely hug the body and show every single curve but typically they do so in a way that is va va voom by highlighting the smallest part of your waist and giving you a dramatic hour glass shape. Curvier celebrities such as Beyonce Knowles have made the mermaid style very popular on the red carpet. Not only that, shorter celebrities such as Kim Kardashian who is only 5ft looked stunning in her strapless mermaid dress at her wedding because they have the affect of making you look taller.  Obvioulsy the length of her marriage has nothing to do with this style of gown ;-) So if you have beautiful curves and are proud of them choose mermaid style wedding dresses so show them off! 

Afraid that mermaid style wedding dresses will be too sexy or non- traditional?      

The mermaid style actually comes in all different styles and fabrics so if you are worried about them looking too non-traditional, informal or inappropriate, think again! The mermaid style comes in all different neck lengths and sleeve lengths giving you the option as to how much skin you want to cover or reveal. Choosing a mermaid style with a high neckline and sleeves will still show off those curves without showing too much skin.  But sometimes less is more sexy!  If you choose to show off your skin and give more of a seductive look you can opt for a halter strapless or a plunging neckline.  For those of you who may feel this dress is too sexy, you can still wear a mermaid style wedding dress without it being skin tight.  There are many mermaid style wedding dresses that lightly hug the curves of your body but may be made our of a more flowy silk crepe or lace material. The mermaid style can also give both an informal and formal look by the various skirt styles available. You can either have the skirt flare out above the knee, at the knee, or below the knee, in which each will give a different silhouette and style. To make it even more formal your skirt can have a chapel or cathedral train making the dress look very elegant and amazing! In the end,  whether you are into mermaid style wedding dresses really depensd on your personal taste but don't think you can't pull one off until you try it.  So whether you think this style is right for you or not give it a chance!