Lace Wedding Dress Trend for 2012

The classical lace wedding dress has been a timeless look for decades and seems to be the new trend for 2012. Queen Victoria popularized lace gowns in 1840 when she married Prince Albert, and in 2012, lace is still being worn! Lace is a type of fabric that will never go out of style because there are now so many types of lace fabrics to choose from. Not only that, lace can be seen throughout the dress as little bits and pieces and not just on the whole dress; this way, you have the option of separating the lace throughout the gown such as on the sash around the waist or on the veil. Either way, any type of lace addition to the dress will surely bring everyone’s attention to the bride.

When is the best time to wear a Lace wedding dress?

What’s neat about a lace wedding dresses is that they can be worn for either a daytime or evening wedding. Lace gowns can be worn at a traditional Christmas wedding and even a summertime garden or beach wedding. The first thing you need to decide when choosing a lace wedding dress is figure out which lace suites you best. Here we will describe some of the different types of lace fabrics to choose from as many brides are unaware of the variety of lace that is available. 

The most inexpensive type of lace is called Chantilly lace which is a synthetic lace that contains a floral or ribbon design on a plain net background or organza.  It is typically more flimsy and flowy than other laces.  Next we have a solid dramatic lace called Spanish lace which features flat roses on a net background. One of my favorite lace designs is the Venetian lace which features floral, foliage and geometric patterns on a heavier weight lace. The most popular lace for wedding gowns is definitely Alencon lace which is often referred to as the “Queen of Lace” which features a pattern of a floral design on a sheer net background.  This type of lace is much more substantial and sturdy than other laces and holds its shape very well.  Most brides seem to choose this lace because of its ability to handle a large amount of different embellishments such as beads, glass and crystals. Duchesse Lace is a Belgian lace which also features a floral design however the floral pattern is spread out randomly. Last we have the Guipure lace which is not supported by a net background and is more of a heavy, stiff lace. 

Choosing the right Lace Wedding Dress...

Once you figure out which lace suites you best, the task of choosing a lace wedding dress becomes much easier. In 2011 we saw celebrities walking down the aisle in different styles of lace such as Kate Middleton who wore a beautiful French Chantilly lace and English Cluny lace gown and Molly Sims, in a dropped waist lace sheath gown which featured a lace trim overlay at the neckline. So, whether you decide to add a touch of lace to your wedding gown or have your entire gown covered in lace, a lace wedding dress is the way to go in 2012!