No matter how formal or informal your big wedding day may be, you do not have to empty out your bank accounts completely. Whether your budget is $2,000 or $20,000, you can still have the wedding of your dreams. Today, an average wedding costs about $29,000, which is affordable for some but unrealistic for the majority! 

If you are a bride to be on a budget, it does not mean you have to sacrifice your taste and personal style to stay below your budget. Luckily, there are many venues, cakes, invitations, and bridal dresses that are so affordable, you will have money left over!!! This may sound too good to be true, however, it CAN be done!

According to the Bridal Association of America, the average cost of wedding invitations tops $659!!! Luckily, your friends and family CAN be invited on your special day for no more than $1 for each invitation, using Vistaprint online. COSTCO sells wedding invitations at very affordable prices!!  Even better, make them yourself.  Michaels and other craft stores have invitation making kits and you can personalize them however you want. Discount wedding invitations can be found all over the internet, so start doing your homework to get the best deals on a variety of wedding invitations. 

Weddings are definitely an expensive event, and the venue is likely to be a big chunk of your budget, however, the majority of the budget does not have to be spent on the Venue.  An economical wedding idea is to have your wedding reception in a restaurant, because many of them are large enough to accommodate up to 100 guests. Better yet if you are an outdoorsy bride to be, choose nature as your wedding venue, such as parks, mountain tops, beaches, forests and vineyards!

What about the cake? Although, it is unlikely to buy a custom wedding cake for grocery store prices, you CAN still purchase a tasty, extravagant wedding cake without breaking your budget. The average costs of wedding cakes can be anywhere from $5- $20 per slice, leaving the average cost of the cake to be over $1,000 if you invite 100 people! A better, cheaper solution is to serve wedding cupcakes as they average $1- $2 per cupcake, with no extra cutting fee! Even better, the bride to be can bake the cupcakes herself as you can find many delicious cupcake recipes online for free!

Last but not least, the DRESS! We all marveled at Kate Middleton's long- sleeved lace wedding dress and all 3 of Kim Kardashian’s beautiful Vera Wang wedding gowns, however, can only the rich and famous afford to look this beautiful on their wedding day? The bride to be on a budget CAN certainly purchase a couture gown on a not so couture budget. Bride Couture, located in Southern California or online at, believes every bride should afford the gown of their dreams. You can purchase a Vera Wang gown that retails for almost $4,000 for only $1790! You can find that designer dress you’ve always wanted as Bride Couture has over 30 different top designers and EVERY SINGLE wedding gown is 50- 80% off retail price! So, if you want to save money on your wedding dress without sacrificing style, Bride Couture is the place to go!

Your wedding day is the most important day of your life, but it shouldn't be the most expensive!