Kim Kardashian - What a Waste of 3 Amazing Vera Wang Wedding Dresses

 On October 9, 2010, we all marveled at how beautiful Kim Kardashian looked in her Vera Wang wedding dresses, as she  said ‘ I do‘  to Kris Humphries.  I’m sure everyone in the world by now has heard that Kim Kardashian has filed for divorce just 72 days after her “fairytale” wedding took place.  Not much of a fairytale if you ask me! Anyways, this isn’t going to be about Kim and Kris and what a waste of 10 million dollars that entire wedding debacle ended up being, but about Vera Wang.  Kim knew from the very beginning she wanted to wear a wedding dress designed by close friend Vera Wang. Vera Wang, so generously “gave” (I’m guessing because all celebrities seem to get things for free) Kim not one, not two, but three of custom designed Vera Wang wedding dresses for her big day.  This whole wedding extravaganza really got me thinking about Vera Wang and her legacy as one of the top wedding gown designers of all times. 

Why We Love Vera Wang Wedding Dresses

Vera Wang has single handedly transformed the industry of wedding dresses, bringing it from an outdated, busy look to a more modern, chic, and organized design.  All over the world, people have admired Vera Wang’s designs as she is able to create dresses that cater to a woman’s needs and dreams!  The wedding world waits and watches every year to see what Vera Wang comes up with next. Not only is she on the top when it comes to  her Vera Wang wedding dresses, she has infiltrated every aspect of the fashion industry, from home décor, eyewear, fragrances, mattresses and china.  This woman is a fashion powerhouse!  There is always something timeless about all that Vera Wang does, especially when it comes to her wedding gowns. Without Vera, many brides would have been stuck with traditional gowns that only lack sophistication and glamour. However, now, brides do not have an excuse anymore, as Vera continues to stun and amaze us with her glamourous collections!

Where Can You Find  Affordable Vera Wang Wedding Dresses?

            Vera Wang’s wedding gowns are coveted and brides are finding more affordable ways to walk down the isle in her show stopper gowns. Vera Wang wedding dresses can cost up to $30,000 or more, and I am willing to bet the general population doesn’t have $30,000 to spend on a wedding dress, unless you’re Kim Kardashian of course. So how does one walk down the aisle in a Vera? Well, buying a sample gown is a great place to start. Bride Couture carries some amazing Vera Wang sample gowns at unbeatable prices. Check out our gown selection and we can mail you up to 4 dresses to try on in the comfort of your own home. If you have dreamed of wearing Vera on your big day and think it’s out of the question; well think again! We are here to make your dreams come true without breaking the bank, so check out Bride Couture’s Vera Wang wedding dresses, and fall in love with the beauty, style, elegance and price!